"Sunday morning Blog"

Well its the last day of May in 2009 and an early sunday stroll has
landed me at the Farmer's Market here on Main and Ocean Park, where the
food is terrific and the Marimba band is exceptional right now.

So im just kicking back enjoying my Organic Soy Latte (a staple in the
People's Republic of Santa Monica) while the booth behind me gives away
STOP FUNDING WAR bumper stickers.  I am tempting to sing Randy Newman's
"Political Science" but I doubt they would 'get it'.  God Bless em.

Hey, Uber thanks to all the great folks who joined the California 66
Revue Facebook Group.  Let's keep it going!  Tell your friends.  Tell
your enemies!

Wow, last night we were watching Graham Norton and our friend, Yves, was
on their with the band he plays with (Juliette & the Romantics).  He was
the bloke with the cherry sunburst Les Paul rocking out.

Rusty will be flying into LA in about 5 weeks or so and I bet he's dying
for Mexican Food.  I know I would be.  I know he's anxious to get
together and play the music we've played so many times, all over the
world, in rehearsals, in the studio, on hundreds and hundreds of
stages.  I hope these shows are recorded because I think they are gonna
be special and fun.

Appearently, west coast promoters are already sniffing about so you
never know what's up next.  I know that Arthur would want no one else
but us to carry this on.  I would have loved to a tour with Bryan,
Arthur and Johnny.  Would that be amazing?  Well, our bassist for this
tour, David Nolte, played and wrote with Maria McKee, Bryan's younger
sister.  And Arthur loved us all.  And we loved him.  And as long as
people still want to experience Love's music in an intimate setting by
the people who spent many years on many levels with Arthur, then I'll
continue to be a part of it.

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Mike Randle

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