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Hello Folks, on this page, you can find books from friends. Not all are The Doors or LOVE related, but they are worth checking out. Press the Book cover’s to go to their website.’s or myspace sites.

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Latest Update December 6, 2010

The first ten chapters are purely autobiographical, tracing The Doors’ strange but ever-increasing influence over a fifteen-year period in James Hunt’s life. Penetrating the meaning and the mystery of Jim Morrison and The Doors.


Everybody wants to be a rock star! Including you. Experience the behind the scenes world of a rock band as they navigate through the world of clubs, groupies, success, record company executives!

Glimpses has the raw power of a documentary, a nitty-gritty, minute-by-minute evocation of a highly personal journey. Glimpses captures the sixties perfectly—I was there, and it was the way Shiner writes it.”—Dr. Timothy Leary

Come inside the studio as Lubahn recalls The Doors’ highs and lows, the day Ray gets bashed in the face, and the awful silence as he sits with Ray, Robby and John after Morrison’s death. Lubahn also offers song-by-song notes and inside stories from THE DOORS recording sessions. The man Ray Manzarek has called…..”THE FIFTH DOOR.”

Michael Stuart-Ware, drummer on Love’s classic albums Da Capo and the recently re-released Forever Changes,  has written a hard-hitting, first-person account of the events surrounding the group’s touring and recording schedule from 1966 through 1968 as seen from the inside. 

From the moment the Byrds debuted at Ciro’s on March 26th 1965 — with Bob Dylan joining them on stage — through the demonstrations of November 1966, Sunset Strip nightclubs introduced the Doors, Buffalo Springfield the Mothers of Invention, and so many more. Riot on Sunset Strip shows how this legendary scene came together, burned briefly but brilliantly, and then fell apart after the Summer of Love.

What was just a dream discussed between newly minted friends in The Renaissance Café, Paris seven years ago is now the book of poems before you. Fifty-Fifty is made up from the observations, thoughts, remembrances and dreams of Mark Boninsegna and Todd Rodriguez. The two have come from different backgrounds with different experiences but arrived at the same place. The language is of the rainy street, the dim lit bar or the lone desert HWY. The subject matter runs the whole gamut of the human condition. Love, Death, Life, Sorrow, Joy, Art, War, Confusion, Clarity, History and The Future.

Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love tells the life story of an incredible contemporary musical talent who died tragically of leukemia. Fronting the first ever fully integrated rock band, Lee emerged from the nascent LA folk-rock scene on the Sunset Strip in 1965 with the band Love to become the prince of the Strip. Love’s first three albums were groundbreaking, combining elements of folk-rock, garage-punk, jazz, blues, flamenco, and classical music. Through exclusive interviews with those closest to Lee, Forever Changes paints a portrait of this intriguing, remarkable cult figure. The book also includes Lee’s own voice throughout, drawn from his personal writings, letting both dedicated fans and newcomers discover this singular artist like never before.