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Hello Folks, on this page you can find CDs from friends. Not all are The Doors or LOVE related, but they are worth checking out. Press the CDs to go to their websites. review

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Cult group from New Zealand – “The Ponsonby DCs”

The Ponsonby DCs review


A San Francisco-based band called Corsica formed in 2002 around songwriters Keith Dion & Brad Orgeron with friends William Seekamp, Marco Villalobos, Mike Levy & Sandy Poindexter finalizing the line-up.

Corsica review


Neo-psychedelic quartet Baby Lemonade. Arthur Lee toured once again with Baby Lemonade and enlisted as Love. In the four well-publicized years after that, the band enjoyed unprecedented success with sell-out tours of the UK, Europe, USA, and Australia. Baby Lemonade (as Love) not only made original Arthur Lee fans happy but far exceeded their expectations. In addition, the new Love with Arthur Lee amassed a brand new fan base comprised of die-hard music fans and young people not even born when Arthur Lee initially performed in the 60s.


This uniquely multi-national line-up creates a distinctive sound combining the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat with the psychotic melodic cool of California’s Sunset Strip circa ’66.


Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer was an original member of the group Love in the ’60s. He was the drummer on the famous Love hits “My Little Red Book” and “Seven and Seven Is”. Alban also played keyboards on Love’s DACAPO album. Alban has played his music in various countries and received accolades wherever he has played, whether in small or large venues.


A new sound is emerging from Los Angeles if you haven’t heard. It is an indefinable sound and yet, simultaneously, the very definition of all things relevant, of all things current, and all things now. And the world, it seems, is eager to listen to The New People.