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Knitting Factory May 1, 2002

1 CD

1 > My Little Red Book
2 > Orange Skies
3 > Your Mind and We Belong Together
4 > She Comes in Colors
5 > Alone Again Or
6 > Signed DC
7 > Bummer in the Summer
8 > Andmoreagain
9 > Between Clark and Hilldale
10> Que Vida!
11> Everybody´s Gotta Live / Instant Karma
12> Live and Let Live
13> Stephanie Knows Who
14> You Set the Scene
15> A House is Not a Motel
16> The Red Telephone
17> Singing Cowboy
18> 7 & 7 Is
19> My Flash on You

Morley Bartnoff’s review

By the time the 2nd show at the Knitting Factory, word of mouth had spread so quickly that the Venue-3 times bigger than Spaceland-sold out in no time. and once again Arthur proved that not only is he back, but he’s more focused and sounding better than ever and In control of his game … completely

mind blow really

A Wish List Daydream perhaps?

Then let’s watch it manifest together, shall we?

First-time-ever versions of You Set The Scene and Bummer in the Summer, take on such even more poignant meaning. Being that this is the Return of one of Rock’s most important voices that would not be silenced. not to be locked away. but chose consciously to come back at this most important time What could be better now than to have the world share this experienced energy called Love

And in the End, Lennon was right you know? All You Need is Love

Morley Bartnoff May 3rd W. Hollywood Ca.