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Old Waldorf SF November 5 1977 (Has 3 extra tracks)

2 CDs (this source contains extra tracks)

Alone Again Or (has announcer voice-over introducing band)
Who Are You
good Times
Happy Song
Everlasting first (the second version. Starts right after the Happy song
ends with no announcement or talk from Arthur)
Keep on Shining.

3rd set
Everybody’s Gotta Live (the announcer says “Please welcome Love”)
Time Is Like a River
7 & 7 is
Old Man
Stand Out
Orange Skies
singing Cowboy
? (BM Song)
My Little Red Book
Alone Again Or (2nd version) audience member calls out for “Sad song”.
No stage announcement.)
Everybody’s Gotta Live (2nd version) during the guitar lead in Arthur
says “It was a pleasure playing … play again sometime. ;.. it’s time
to say goodbye, and the best way I know to say goodbye is goodbye”).
Signed DC

Old Waldorf, SF November 5 1977