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Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, June 14, 2002

2 CDs

1> My Little Red Book
2 > Orange Skies
3 > Your Mind and We Belong Together
4 > Live and Let Live
5 > Alone Again Or
6 > Bummer In the Summer
7 > Andmoreagain
8 >You Set The Scene
9 > The Red Telephone
10 > Between Clark and Hilldale
11 > 7 & 7 Is
12 > Everybody’s Gotta Live/Instant Karma
13 > Signed DC
14 > My Flash On
15 > Your Daily Planet
16 > Stephanie Knows Who
17 > She Comes In Colours
18 > A House Is Not A Motel
19 > ¡Que Vida!
20 > Singing Cowboy.

Julian Moseley’s review

If Jim Morrison had dropped off in his bath, banged his head and slipped into a coma, and recovered some years later. Or Jimi Hendrix had managed to cough all that vomit up the next morning, it would be like seeing Arthur Lee again after six years in jail. I never expected to hear songs like Bummer in the Summer and between Clark and Hilldale performed with such majesty by their creator again. I hate to say it, because it was obviously no joke being in there, but jail has surely been the best career move for Arthur Lee. It has been like a return from the dead.

I have been in a state of hero worship since 1970 when he played Leeds Polytechnic. (I even got to interview him for the University paper). I was recharged in 1974 at the Rainbow. I caught a glimpse of him outside the Garage in Highbury on his last tour, unable to get tickets Arthur obligingly came out, gave two tickets to two pretty girls, and went back in with them. But tonight he paid it all back. The best band he has ever had. The best attitude to his music and so kind and considerate to his audience.

He looked genuinely moved by our ecstatic reaction. Two encores were not enough. Such wonderful, complex songs. So original. The blues to Bachrach and back. A unique musical vision. Great to see people singing along who weren’t born when Forever Changes came out.

I heard Arthur described as “The Master” by someone behind me. Well for all today’s hot guitar slingers he must be. Welcome back, Arthur. We’ve missed you more than we knew. As someone called out “Why don’t you come and live here?” It would be safer. I look forward eagerly to the Forever Changes tour.

PS: Our mayor Ken Livingstone has quoted Forever Changes as his favourite album on Desert Island Discs. “Play anything from it” he said. I wonder if he was there.

Julian Moseley, 15th June 02, London