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The Faction

by: James Donnellan
First Draft Storyline 09-2004
Registration: Screen Writers Guild of America (2004)
Copyright by James Donnellan

………. lonely room , small moderate apartment.. Obviously she has lived here alone for years.

An older woman is sick… discovered by some family member to be going down hill rapidly into coma. Upon discovery, a call for ambulance and cuts to emergency room, noise and confusion .. Typical.. Being rolled down a hall way … nurses.. I.V. , to the quiet of a semi private room where a doctor appears. A couple of questions to the family member.. “ I don’t know… she was doing OK, and then we found her like this”… “ She’s been getting older you know.. Kind of slowing down”.. “ She’s alone a lot now but we check in on her when.. we can”..caring only little.

The Doctor, examining aspects of this, eyes open, comatose patient.. picks up the eye examination tool and beams the light into the unblinking blue eye.

As he does, we take the perspective of the doctors view and go into the eye. Past the surface .. Down into the vessels and bone.. Past and into the brain and finally into the cellular structure itself. We scan the red and white cells and debris traveling through the blood system and from far away, see one cell darker and different than the rest.. As it travels toward us, we start to recognize the outlines of the planet Earth traveling and spinning closer. As it comes forward it takes on the dimension and scale of the planet moving through the darkness and lights of the universe. We come closer.. The planet spins to show us the continental outlines of North and South America.

Down we travel ever closer into South America and as the colors change to browns and greens we see the canopy of a rain forest directly below. Down through the trees and into the quiet calm of rain drops and sun beams. A small pause of silence and soon we hear footsteps of a single person walking easily but directly through the leaves and twigs. Only feet pass the camera as it pans up to show the legs and backpack of a European man walking toward a small cabin in the near distance. Obviously, someone is home from the smoke of the chimney and faint light from the windows.

2. F

A little knock on the door by the hand of this faceless person and he opens the door to see two other individuals casually hanging out inside.

“ Ciao Franco.. You made it…” …from feet propped up in an easy chair toward the fire…

“you guys have got to see this” ..as Franco holds out a newspaper or two.

“We really did a number on M 1” “ Their stock dropped like a rock and they’re all scrambling around trying to figure out what happened.” Removing his back pack he continues…

“Funny what funneling off one cent per gallon can do… I hope that Children’s fund is appreciative”.

From the corner behind a messy, large computer set up complete with assorted transmission electronics is a laughing voice,“ I guess they be wonderin’ who want to donate $4.2 Billion Dollars tout wantin’ a big dinner.”

A face appears mid sentence.. A huge smile of white teeth and blond dreadlocked hair brings Jimmy J. to the foreground. An unusual appearance for a brilliant hacker, obviously engrossed in his work. A South African accent is spilling from a white, freckled, mischievous face.

From the big easy chair by the fire, an arm reaches back towards Franco and beckons for the newspapers. Into the hand they are delivered and two hands open them to display.. “Metro 1 Petroleum hit by hackers”.. No information released yet as to the total losses”…etc…etc.

Other paper… “ Metro Stocks plummet on news of major losses”…etc.

The chair turns to reveal John Howard. Kind of rough and likable… 40’s.. More charm than looks.. Strong eyes that have seen both pain and glory.

Easy smirk of a smile… “Hi………OK , we’ve pulled off some good ones, but they’ll be looking hard now.. We’re getting into the bigger players and they’re not going to be happy about it.”

The bathroom door opens and a good looking, dark haired, morena girl appears.. No make up… wet hair being combed.. Sloppy khaki clothes just hinting of the figure inside.. “ What’s this we’re talking about?”.. and …“Hi Frankie,” (as he is lighting up).. “if your going to smoke that

3. F

damn cigar.. Please go outside and talk with the other monkeys.”

This is Silvia.. Smart, to the point.. Naturally attractive.

“ I was saying Sil, it’s hard ball now. It‘s one thing to play Robin Hood with some small companies.. when we lightened the pockets of that creeps re-election fund.. That was small stuff. Nobody’s going to find an extra $600,000.00 deposited into some Nigerian Public Hospitals account.. Or when we helped out a person with a problem, the worse case scenario was extra taxes for them.. But this!.. It’s time to lay low for awhile”

To Jimmy J.. “ Jimmy are all our contingency plans in order”

“You bet.. Tree weeks ago.. Every tings good”.. Not looking up from his computer monitor.

Franco re-enters from the door.. Cigar blazing.

Sil: “Please, please Frankie…….”

Franco: “We have friends coming!”

Jimmy switches the outside cameras to stalking , dark figures in the trees!

“Ya Boss” “too sure bout this.”

John. “Let’s go!”

Much motion… a small door in the wooden floor is opened … four bodies scramble quietly down the opening.. The last is John who put’s a small Persian rug over the floor and as he closes the door… automatic weapon fire releases, turning the cabin walls to a Swiss cheese of light beams.. Breaking everything in the cabin.. Floor to ceiling. Last, a rocket is fired in and the cabin implodes upon itself. A burning heap of nothing. We never really see more than a blur of the black figures outside, but they are many…. dozens maybe.

A quick shot of four figures silently crawling through a dark earthy tunnel

Sil whispers: “ You can put out that cigar anytime now Franco.”

[Cross fade to down town exterior New York.]

4.) F

Sil and John walking the sidewalk, dressed clean and casual in New York style… and after a bit of silence…

Sil: “ I’ve been thinking about things .. We started this for a bit of fun and sure, because there’s a lot of crap going on……… But did we

really make a difference? I like being back, I miss this city, I miss my clothes..(laughing)… I miss the food!.. Was all our work helping?… So we managed to move some money around … won’t it just end up in the same pockets eventually.. And that last time was rough for me… I know you like the excitement John… that’s fine, but I was scared… really scared. That doesn’t happen to you?.. I’m looking for some peace for once…it’s time for me.” “This is starting to feel crazy… you know? Crazy.”

John: “ You mean you don’t miss the old I.R.A. fights?… The pickets .. The police.. The demonstrations?… I remember when you lived for that.

Sil: “That was then.. This is now. If I wanted that, I’d still be back in Ireland with Franco… or finding some other battle to fight.” I thought we could make a difference then… but now I’m just not so sure.”

Stopping the conversation as they reach the doorway of their destination and enter…

In the small pub we find Franco and Jimmy… “ Close!…. Shit!”…. laughing… “Real close.”

“I tol you idgits” spouts Jimmy pointing to the entry… We see John and Sil at the door acknowledging their presence..

Four at the table and a bit of Hello’s.

Franco. “ Long time John… Hey Silvia, how’s the world?.”

John. “ It’s been out of the news for 9 weeks now, but I’m still not

comfortable. I want to believe they think they killed us in that fire, but hell, I don’t know”.. “ We can’t be certain of that.”

Sil. “ I still feel we should back off awhile.. Let the cinders settle.”

Franco. “Cute.”

5.) F

Underneath there is a bit of a fire between these two.. But it has turned to sarcasm. Franco and Sil had their fling a few years back and it ended long before John entered the picture. In fact it was Sil who introduced Franco to John when they had decided to play a few games with what they considered to be an unfair world.

Knowing they needed someone with a passion for danger, financial and investigative skills… Franco was their man, cigars or not.

“ So you two are asking me to go back to ripping off some Wall Street beginner.. Like get a real job or something?” “And maybe Jimmy here can make some more flight simulators… or Race car games?”

Jimmy, shaking his head: “ Mo money in porno sites this days.”

“Look!” chimes in Sil.. “ I want the break Frankie.”

Franco: “ Yea.. And a little house in the country.. A couple of kids?.. I’ve heard this one Silvia.”

Sil: “That’s old news… I just want a break.”

John: “ We’re taking this break guys… we’ve all got a little money.. We’re starting to get tense and that makes things dangerous.” “ We need to find the center again… the reason.. Sil’s got a point… Are we making a difference?.. Or are we just making noise and headlines.. For God’s sake.. The last thing we need are headlines.”

Jimmy: “ But you the one who say we do make the difference. Small moves.. Big results.. Remember tis?.. We help Hospitals, we help children.. Old people wid no money.. Help stop bad politicals… for sure!”

John: “ Your right ….. But these people are bigger than I ever thought possible. Damn man, what private company in the world could find us down there and send a small army to kill us?

“This wasn’t a Country or a State even … just a corporation.”

6.) F

Franco: “So we see each other for Christmas and exchange fruitcake and sweaters and all?”

Sil: “Don’t be an asshole Frankie.” “Just a break… for now…OK?”

Franco: “ yes dear… whatever….”

John: “ Ok then…settled.” A hand is offered for a group shake. Slowly all follow in agreement… last is Sil. Fade out.


Christmas in New York…. Lights and snow falling… a knocking hand on an apartment door.. Up scale.. Middle class building.

From inside John and Sil exchange a glance and Sil heads for the door.

As the door opens to no one.. Jimmy’s freckle face, deadlocked, mischievous smile bends into the opening… he is holding out a fruitcake and exclaims “ Merry Chrismas”.. I bring da cake” .. Laughing, smiling… “ I also bring me friend” as he reaches back and pulls forth Crystal. A spitting image of Jimmy.. She has the same freckled face, toothy smile and dreadlocked hair but is the younger, smaller, feminine American version. Their hair and skin look like brother and sister. Clothing style is similar… as one would imagine.. A bit hippy… jeans… t-shirts… but she is definitely the feminine version.

Under the coats and scarves of winter, Jimmys sweat-shirt carries the logo “SONY GAMES” and is a full length man’s style, while Crystal is wearing a crop top sweater with a flying, white dove woven into the front. His Jeans are high waist… hers are low.

“Pleased to meet you… Merry Christmas”… almost shy right now.

Sil: “ John?.. Jimmy and his…”friend”.. Are here.” (Quizzically and knowingly) .. “Well Merry Christmas to you both.. Come in.. Come in.. What a nice surprise…Jimmy (hug) how are you?”…etc….

Sil yelling: “ John”…”they brought cake!”

John: “Well that does make a difference.. I guess you really are welcome.” Walking into the room.. “Good to see you Jimmy …

7.) F

Everything good?” Motioning towards Crystal.. “For sure, Tis really good Boss!”.. Giant smile.. Wide eyed. John nods: “ Tis good den Jimmy.”

Arm around Jimmy…. John and he move toward the living room.. Girls follow laughing.

[ cut to dinner and cake…. sometime later]

John: “ Good meal, good cake… old and new friends.. and great coffee.” motioning to all involved in this casual toast.

Jimmy: “ Cheers…John, Sil… I bring you one tother gift… tis Crismas.. Well.. I bring one mystery for sure…” “ I meet Crystal while I work at de Science Institute up there in Boston . She is working in Media technology…… historical archiving for.. politicals and stuff..and me… what else ..[ pointing at sweat-shirt logo]… programmin’ da games.” (Laughing and making shooting gun gestures). “ Maybe it’s better Crystal explain now… OK baby?”

Nodding and changing her soft, shy demeanor to one of more seriousness… Crystal produces a DVD disc.

“ Can we use your player, it will help me explain.”

While they move and sit in the TV room she continues .. “ I don’t really know what I‘ve found here, but I know it’s interesting .. And I think it might be something important. Jimmy said maybe you could help… I hope so because I can’t get it out of my mind.”

The first images appear to be a random assortment of black and white TV news clippings from various eras. Moving rather quickly… they cut between speeches from John Kennedy to Pope Paul to Nixon to Margaret Thacher to Kruschev to Martin Luther King to Eisenhower to the Kings, Queens and Presidents of various Countries… some of the newer ones in color. Also included is the assassination footage of both Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King as well as various religious leaders and high ranking Generals of war… etc.

(Obviously, this area needs absolute documentation and the correct historical running order of events)

8.) F

John… unimpressed: “ Well, it looks like you have been doing your job Crystal… but I don’t see…. What am I looking for?”

She pulls out a second DVD and says ..”Let’s try this one”

On this one are categories. The first is Presidents in succession of term.

Slowing down the DVD she says..”see this guy here in the back”… “ He is not connected with any political parties that I can find and no one knows his name… yet, he appears in the background of…” (as she is switching the scenes forward and freezing them).. “Every piece of footage on every president..” “look.. He’s older here.. And much younger back here… but it’s the same guy.”… “ He’s even in the crowd at the Kennedy assassination”.. Look.. “ Here he is in Los Angeles the night Bobby was killed.” “ I thought about a news service guy maybe… but this face just doesn’t come up anywhere except these events.”

“Now.. Here’s where it gets pretty interesting… That’s America right.. Well look at Europe. It’s the same. The guy is different, but he’s always there.. In the back.. Look .. Same.. Young here… old here.”

“ If that isn’t weird then check this out. Here is all my footage on the Vatican Pope’s… from 1970 till now. Look.. Another guy… but always there… everywhere… How can this be? When the Pope is in Russia… he’s there too… Spain? He’s right there…. Even Japan!..”

“This is one busy guy because the same guy has been spotted here in India, Tibet and Jerusalem. All involving religious leaders!… and here he is at Martin Luther King’s shooting!”

“Now I don’t have too much here yet, but this is my archive for War leaders, you know General McCarthy.. General Eisenhower ..Colin Powell.. Some big mothers… Same deal… different guy.. But an unknown guy always there watching and sometimes making notes.”

“ The note taking is why I first assumed journalists or reporters, so Jimmy and I ran a search on all the big newspapers, magazines and news services …None of these faces line up with anyone from there.”

9.) F

“In fact, only a hand full have even been in business for this long and they have never employed a journalist qualified for such major events from the time he was in his 20’s until his 70’s… Fucking Hell?” …oh..”sorry”.

John dumbfounded: “ Shit.” Sil: “Double Shit.”

“Jimmy has an Idea.” Crystal motioning towards him.

Jimmy: “ I want ta know if tis is goin’ on any place else. Like maybe medicine, or communications…”

Sil: “or entertainment or corporations…”

John:…”Transportation…Stock Markets…Education?”

Jimmy: “ For sure… I think maybe I can design da program .. Like to remove the main subject from the footage and then scan the background for a face match”… “ the hard part is only adjustment for age changes… but this is where me games come in.. We can do tis now.. For sure.”

Sil: “ What can all this mean… could be deep.. Really deep John.” With worry and resignation to the path ahead.

John: “ We can’t rely on just one archive.. We need all we can get.. We need Franco and”..Sil: “Great!… hello cigars again.” “ No, your right. He digs in like a ground hog till he gets it… however scummy and rotten it might be… and I have that feeling… we could need him.”

Crystal: “I have the archive job for about four more months.. Anything from there is public information.. No security. We need a list of who to be looking at… Like Dept. of Treasury announcements, heads of corporations, … I don’t know help me.”

John: “Well … It is still Christmas. Lets think on it and I’ll find Franco. Meanwhile keep this quiet you two… Sil and I have some talking to do too before … no if..we head into this thing.

Everyone heads for the door… John: “ Merry Christmas.. Great to meet you crystal…. Jimmy, care now”… Door closes….

10) F

John looking at Sil: “Shit.” Sil: “Double shit.”

Cross fade to outside… beautiful Christmas night .. Snowing.. Lights everywhere.. Crystal and Jimmy hugging , laughing and walking in the distance… “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men”.. Resounding from the music of the night. We spend a bit of time here focusing on the Faces of Christmas.. Laughter.. Shops..toys.. Lights… kids…old people.. And traffic.

Later John and Sil talk on the balcony over the lights. In a tight hug for warmth.. Each looks their own direction over the city below. Their eyes and spirits separate but together. Christmas carols are soft from below.

“Merry Christmas Sil……………. Does all this scare you?”

“To tears.. Darling”…….

“ What do you think……… What do you feel?”……..

“ I think this could be it… the center… the thing we were missing all along… the reason for all those protests and marches. .. That invisible little something that never felt right…. The one nobody could ever find.”….. “That thing that terrifies me”… “ I’m so afraid this is true John”…….. “Me too Sil….Me too.”

The next day finds John catching a cab for Wall Street…. Looking up at the sky scrapers all around… glancing at the rebuilding and vacant lots from 9/11 , into a building and up the elevator to “Commercial Trust Commodities”… in he walks. From an open office door there is Franco… over dressed and way too clean in his black designer suit. Seeing John he smiles and holds up one finger in a just one minute gesture. As john paces the waiting room, he gazes out the large 20 th story window again focusing on the flattened square blocks still being cleared from the horrific attacks on the World Trade buildings.

Ushering out his clients du jour, Franco walks toward John with hand held out in greeting.. “ Isn’t the red tie a bit much Franco?”.. “Well you know the game John… How are you?”… “good..good.”…. “Listen, We need you Frankie”.. “ I thought the games were over”…”I think we’ve got something special but I’m not sure… can we talk?” “ Here is no good John”… motioning to cameras… “Since the attacks, security is ridiculous. I don’t really know why though.. We both know it would be

11. F

a piece of cake to do whatever we wanted to here”… “should we be of a criminal mind of course”…… “Yes, should we be of a criminal mind”.. chimes in John…. as they head out the door trailing light laughter…

Faintly…” no I mean, should we want to be of a criminal mind”… “of course not Frankie”….”we would really need to want to be of criminal mind” and “ I can’t see it…” …. “Me neither”….. Etc.

Close in the coffee shop they talk. “So that’s pretty much it.. Just a big hunch and a pile of pictures right now”.. “OK John, but is this for real? Are you sure it’s not a political set up for the elections? You know those guys will dig up anything, and if they can’t find it… they make it?” “ Yeh, I know…. but considering the sources, I tend to believe this”..”So does Sil… this is why we need you Frankie.”

“OK John lets do talk Silvia.. What lures her away from her “peaceful” life… what’s changing her mind..does she know your asking me in?” “Yes , she knows and she agrees.. Look Frankie, I can’t do anything about the past and I’m sorry you still can’t let go of it.. But let’s move on. Silvia still thinks you’re the best at what you do… she said it… Nobody’s better… period… but don’t blame her anymore for decisions her heart made.. Can I control mine… can you?… nobody can…. it’s just that way.. I’m sorry… we do need you.. But like the song says…get over it, cause it’s not gonna change. She’s happy and that should be the main concern..we both agree there, so what’s the fight?” “We’ve come along way Franco and this could be the big one”… “put it aside for once”…

“ Fill me in as you go, and tell me what you need… I’ll let you know as it develops John…”

“Not this time.. We need to know now. If we don’t have you , we need to regroup and re-think it all….” Long pause… “Damn it John, you guys always have me .. Tell me and I’m there… Good enough?” The last word as Franco leaves the table tossing the tip.


Silvia has been making a drive up the coast to Boston Technical Institute.

Finding and observing Crystal in her work space is what Sil needs to see first hand. With visitor pass in hand, she winds the corridors to the correct door… inside is an excited Crystal.. Silvia come here… look..

12. F

Another one… you guys were right. This guy is in with the transportation sector. You know, labor unions… railways , airlines. Here’s the film from the American Airlines merger in 1989 … see there and here again but younger behind The Teamster rallies in Florida 1975. And I’ve got more! Crystal points to the piles of footage and articles on her desk and right then Silvia sees what she came to see. All of the footage and folders are from well known publications like, time magazine, Wall street Journal, The Washington Post…etc…etc.. A scan of the publications tells her that all is on the up and up. Seeing Silvia’s interest in the sources spawns from Crystal… “ Did you come here to check up on me? Is this the reason for your unexpected visit?” .. “ Crystal.. Look , you were a stranger to me on Christmas and if it weren’t for Jimmy you wouldn’t have even gotten to the door.. What you say may have major implications… my checking up shouldn’t bother you if your honest… Sorry, we needed… no.. I needed to make sure.. John doesn’t even know I’m here…. I’m sorry Crystal”. “ No, I got it… it’s cool.. I understand.” … in flies Jimmy with the big smile and catches the vibe..”Everyting good here Crystal.. Hey Sil”…the women pause and then move on with earnest. “Ok, .. I just thought you might want to know I’ve …got the program!… Piece a pie.. Good, fine work too… for sure!”

Sil: outside: “ Good work both of you, this is great ..and.. Thanks Crystal” with good eyes from both women … “We’ve got real work to do now!… vrooom.

Car Phone Sil: “Hey Baby, how’s my boy…(laugh).. listen, Crystal is on to something and she checks out… Yea, I had to…I’m on my way back now.. How about our mutual friend?

John from the Apartment: “I met with him this morning and all is well.. Looked bored as hell though, ready for some fun… Sends his love…”

“I’ll bet… we need a work night and I’ve arranged Thursday at the Institute… good?… OK see you soon…oh yes, me too…bye.”

Turns up radio again and hears… ‘Tonight’s report from NCNY…”Can terrorists reach us again? And Can we stop them ?… News Central New York .. All the news all the time …tune in at 7pm for the full story.”

Fades as car zooms away.

13 F

Thursday evening in Boston:

Jimmy from the lab: “ Franco me man…oooo nice wraps… got some monies in da pocket huh.. Long time….Me best woman Crystal….” “Careful now baby.. Frankie’s got da reputation an’ da history”.

“It’s a pleasure Crystal… Don’t worry, I’m Jimmy’s worst nightmare..”

“ Ya right… you watch out baby”..

John has been perusing the growing stack of reference materials….Sil: “ Oh my Crystal you’ve got some work for us here”..

“ True , but tonight we have a special treat…. watch this”… “ Thanks to our brilliant programmer here we can…(as the Video Monitor shows an election speech by George Bush Sr.)… just take him out.” And the monitor shows exactly that.. Leaving only the backgrounds completely in tact and still moving in real time.

“Now Jimmy and I took the liberty of the next demonstration. We compiled Presidential appearances in chronological order and removed the subjects.”

(A visual demonstration is now happening as well.. As one clip appears, the subject quickly disappears.. And so forth through about 11 clips from obviously different time periods… We see the Presidents briefly before they are removed… the last one being the inauguration of John Kennedy)

Crystal: “ When Jimmy started face matching it was amazing..”

Jimmy: “ It took some adjusting to recognize time changes and aging…but it works!… Watch dis now!” (As the monitor shows us the same thing). “The program checked out everybody.. Den settled on possibilities.”

Crystal: “We kept the possible candidates to see who could be recognized by name or position… We got some of those.. sure.. But eventually it boiled down to only one person… and this is our guy!” (Close up.. scanning different ages of the face over and over through 11 time periods)… “ He isn’t there before Kennedy”… “The same for the other guys we’ve found… somewhere around 1962 is when all of them start to show up.” Jimmy:“ So far we’ve looked at Presidents, Religions and Stock market activities mostly like crashes or booms… major splits.. That kind a thing.”

14. F

John: “ Who knows this guy?” Crystal: nobody.

Sil: “What’s his history?” Jimmy: None.

Franco: “ I can find him.” Everyone: only a look back.

Franco: “ When is the next Presidential Broadcast? (Lighting a new cigar)

Fade to New York hustle:

From the Commercial Trust office: Franco’s talking on the speaker phone and pacing. “ I’ve got a plane for Friday morning… right.. L.A. .. It’s some kind of primary fund raiser on Saturday … big money people… No, I don’t need to get in, just spot and follow.. I’ll call you from there… after I get settled.”

Sunset and palm trees.. ( “I love L.A.” style but in February) Franco pulls his rented Jaguar convertible up to the Century City Plaza Hotel.. In his designer suit and red tie, he walks to check in carrying a small pug dog on a gold leash.. while Bell boys scurry to follow with a dozen black suitcases and wardrobe bags. “I’m sorry Mr. Gabanna, the third floor has been reserved for a private function this Saturday. You will be staying how long?” (Eying the quantity of luggage) “Possibly all month, depending on my business opportunities”… “ at least three weeks.” “In that case we could make room for you in one of our suites on the 12 th or 14 th floors, providing you can put up with all the security checks this weekend.” “ Next week looks calm”..she winks.

After checking into a lovely suite and tipping the boys, he looks kind of quizzical as he unzips one suitcase full of bunched up newspaper and towels.. Looking and feeling around for his toiletry bag which he removes while placing the dog in the suitcase… pulling a doggy bone from his toiletry kit he throws it in. The dog now is playing madly in the towels and newspaper.. “Ok …take it easy killer”. Franco moves to the shower and reappears in a wild change of clothes. Leaving the room and entering the elevator, he pushes floor 3. The door opens and out he steps flamboyantly… “Killer” is now walking on his leash. Spotting security, he walks up directly and asks where the doggy run is… “sir, your on the wrong floor.. This is now a secure location and will remain so until midnight tomorrow.. I will ask you to leave now.” ‘Yes, but do you

15. F

know where the dog run is located or must I search every floor”… “I suggest you talk to management”. “ You have been so kind , thank you.. What is your name officer?..” Putting up with this intrusion he smirks and says.. “Paul… my name is Paul.” “ Well thank you Paul, you are doing a fantastic job … see you around.” a little wave and in the elevator. A few more pranks like this to gain favor and get the security staff to begin to see him as harmless. Then to the main desk, “ what time is the big party tomorrow?”.. “it’s scheduled for 3pm, but security will be controlling all areas from the early morning”…”Oh poo, I have my first meetings tomorrow. I wish I’d known that when I checked in… Can’t I ask your staff to bring my car up early and park it outside the secure zone for me…please” with a good tip in hand and a little wink.. The deal is settled.

The sunrise comes in strong. The wake up call is right on time although Franco has beat them to it.. He’s already exercising and shaving at the same time. Killer is waiting patiently for his walk. Quickly a call to John…. “I see we have a live broadcast on CNN so lets talk at 3:15pm my time and see if we can spot him… Fill in jimmy and see if he can help with his toy.”

John: “I’ll see if we can get a conference call going from Boston…. good luck there, I still don’t know what to think about all this, but lets find out.. Ciao buddy..”

Back out the door for another dog walk.. This time to the lobby.. “Hello Paul, hi Ed, Good morning Anna (receptionist)…

Paul and Ed: “ Frankie, today’s the big deal.. It’s going to be hard to let you move around so freely”.. “ I understand guys, I’ll limit myself to Killers needs… when he’s gotta go… he’s gotta go…. but that’s it… and I promise not to embarrass anybody by calling there name… Oh Hi Ronnie!” Embarrassment all around.. “Well, we will be back soon I hope… I’ll stay out of everyone’s way… promise.”

Back in the room 3:15pm with the TV on. The phone rings… “ Hi it’s both of us… he’s there.. Do you see your TV.. OK, he’s five to the left with glasses”.. Franco: “I’ve got him…. I saw him earlier in the lobby…funny little guy … looks like an accountant…. OK, thanks… talk to you later.”

16. F

As the closing statements start on the TV… “ come on Killer… we’re on”

and out the door they go. At the lobby, Paul gives him the wave off , get out of here sign. Franco motions to the dog and walks briskly out the front lobby to the street. A quick look up and down spots the Jaguar parked on a small street a block away , facing the hotel… “perfect.. Thanks Anna.”

Once in the car he starts the wait and soon guests start filing out from the meeting. The first motorcade is obviously the president and high officials… once done, the other guests follow. Binoculars from under the seat focus in at the right time and catch our man getting into a limo. Franco gets the license number and starts the car.

After quite a drive through Hollywood traffic the limo unexpectedly stops at the Grumman’s Chinese Theater and our man goes for a movie. Shit.. This is an unexpected wait. Half asleep and 2 1/2 hours later the movie files out. Franco spots his man and off they go.. This time to the other end of Beverly Hills to a posh restaurant and our guy heads in for a meal. Franco follows him in and Killer waits patiently in the car. From the other end of the room, Franco observes our man sitting alone and slowly going through a multi course meal.. “ Jesus, this guy needs a life” mutters Frankie. Slowly, slowly… coffee then desert then an aperitif…. finally the check almost 3 hours later.. “Who the fuck is this boring guy?”

Another slow follow to a seedier end of Hollywood and a big purple sign reading MASSAGE 24HRS…“ Oh Christ Almighty… it must be this guys birthday.. Doesn’t he have friends ”…. As his complaining continues, a blond, big breasted, lady of the night wiggles past the Jag.. Franco checks her out casually in the rear view and she stops to ask if needs company… upon seeing her face, he lights up.. “Maxine is that you under there “… “Frankie?, wow I didn’t expect this.. How the fuck are you baby… it’s been a long time.” “Small miracles Max.. I need a favor”…. pulling out some cash..”There’s a little guy with glasses that just went into the all nighter there… I need you to take him home… not your place…to his place… that’s important .. I need to know where he lives but he can’t know and you can’t ask any questions… OK?” “ Sure, but times have changed.. That pocket change will get you a half hour,(Motioning her chest) these babies are financed!” “Look Max you owe me a couple and let’s split the difference with say $300.oo?” “ For you and you only Frankie” … “ lets get him out of there fast.. I’m tired and my dog has to pee… Get him to take you home in his limo there.”

17. F

…. “ His limo? Well things are looking up tonight.. See you in a couple minutes….” Soon she is leaving arm and arm with our guy and snuggling up to him as they get in the limo, she passes Franco a high sign…

fade to hotel and Sunday Morning…..

“ Room service right there please and I’ll need another pot of coffee pronto…” as he shields the phone receiver and lays out a tip.

Phone: “ Well, it took forever and I wasn’t sure it would work.. But he finally took my friend Maxine home.. Yea?..that’s a long story… I know.. But he was all over town after the meeting…. Movie, dinner, massage… that’s where I hooked him up with Max… it was like he never gets out. Anyway, I got you an address to check out… Very, very snazzy…Beverly Hills Primo …

438 Beverly Glen, Just off of Sunset.. In with the big houses. By the way, his name I never got. Maxine says it was Grover or Roger…” I’m going to grab some photos today and check the Hall or Records here on Monday.. Then I’m flying back in late. See you guys Tuesday”

Screen has faded during the phone call to the late evening in L.A. and we watch Maxine and Roger walk from the limo toward the front door of an incredibly ridiculous Mansion. Still snuggling up, they turn the key and disappear inside.

Wednesday night: Everyone at the Boston institute… “ His name is still missing, but Grover (or Roger?).. Seems to live there alright”…..(showing pics on the computer.. Next morning Maxine leaving by cab.. Grover checking the mail box.. Picking up the paper…Still in his robe.. etc.).. “The Hall of records show ownership by a Mr. Horacio C. Carpenter.. But!.. this is one of six homes he owns in The States… Looks like maybe this is one of the smaller ones”.

Crystal: “ Let me run that name… it’s familiar from somewhere”.. (now busy with the computers.)

Sil: “ Maybe we should assume all these guys are watch dogs for a higher source like Horace here”. “ Invisible guys with a press pass or passport into the inner circles.”

18 F.

John: “ Right..Maybe they are only the keys to the bigger picture.. Basically the public eyes for the real guys.”

Franco: “ But they would need to be incredibly loyal to show up for all those years”.

Sil: “ Or.. their lives are bought and paid for.. No worries.. Who wouldn’t want to live that way with every desire taken care of? I could go for that”….

Franco: “ Ah, finally the truth rears it’s pretty head”…

“It’s your choice to take me seriously or not Frankie… What do you think from experience?”…

“ I think it’s time for a list.. A lot of guys to follow… we don’t even know how many… we have three.. One for sure.” “ We need to assume that Grover here has something to do with American Presidents.. Or maybe Politics in general…”

John: “Assuming our original idea is correct, lets think bigger.. How about Government as a category?

Crystal from the computer screen: “ I think we can go bigger, how about GOVERNMENTS! Listen to this : Horacio C. Carpenter.. In 1955 was Foreign advisor to President Eisenhower. CEO of Metro 1 oil.. (your friends with the heavy artillery)… On the board of directors for Advanced Defense Designs inc. a private weapons manufacturer.. Retired in 1962 but still owns Majority shares of Kinghauser Lumber products and Oasis Bottled Waters, Owns three or four smaller oil companies in Texas and Florida, a commercial fishing fleet out of Washington State that just filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy… and still works actively for the Republican Strategic Advisory Committee as he has for the last 10 presidents. I show pictures of him here with.. Four, five … no six Presidents.. Many European Leaders and our Mid Eastern first Family.. Where he goes each year for the Arabian Horse racing and about three weeks of continuous partying.” “ He seems to have his hands in everything.. Many of his stock and bank accounts are classified. I can only see for sure that they are world wide. Many in Switzerland, The Caman Islands and Bermuda. This home in sunny California is nothing when you compare the French and Italian Villas, Wineries , and then, least we forget, just a small island in Greece. Probably was friends with Onasis.”

Jimmy: “ Definitely a player, for sure.. What does somebody do with dat much money?”

19. F

John: Ok List time.. We’ve got GOVERNMENTS (OR POLITICS), we’ve got TRANSPORTATION and RELIGION…Everybody chimes in:





John: “ Wait, hold on. Let’s think obvious… these are big, simple categories we’re looking for … STOCK MARKETS maybe..” Sil: “That’s under MONETARY I reckon.. But COMMUNICATIONS could go will ENTERTAINMENT and NEWS…” Jimmy: “How bout about FUELS and TRANSPORTATION… dis works… Franco: We know it can’t be MILITARY and INTELLIGENCE “… Sil “A master of the obvious.” “ SCIENCE AND MEDICINE?”… John: “ No they’re at ends too much of the time…. let’s just start seeing how many of these little yes men we find… then we’ll know the rest…

This whole thing cross-fades into a collage of separate scenes ( over one or two months) with each person doing their job.. Lots of telephone and sharing info.. Lot’s of flashes to face matching on the computers and travel to God knows where.. Sil and John enjoying the French Riviera, Franco in Saudi Arabia…etc….. compiling and finding.. Searching Records , Crystal and Jimmy working the computers from Boston……FAXes of Business Statements and Photo Articles… etc.

(Possibly insert a love and talk scene with Jimmy and Crystal depending.) Maybe in the lab … can’t work all the time, you know) (Chinese food and Pizza boxes….)

Later in Boston:

Franco, has a rough beard and his clothes are basic. Sil looks tired..

John: “ Well it looks like these folks own about everything.. So what now… we’ve got 12 men and one women… a bad luck thirteen. They all appear legal… but they certainly used the loopholes… All together I bet our Faction has the top 3 % tax bracket covered. .. So What… so fucking what… what!… I know there’s something we can’t see. We have.. what Crystal, one more week here?” “ More like 10 nights but that’s it.. My real work is completed… I keep stalling but I feel stupid..”

20. F

Jimmy: “ I still got some game programing to finish, so maybe a little longer.”

Sil: “ But we still need to put these guys together.. connect these dots”

Crystal: “Maybe I can go through my archives and do a search for all these names together….” ( She’s moving now at her computer )

“Well, we’ve got three of them here in France and four of them in a Long Island restaurant in 1978.. But that’s it…”

Jimmy: “ Let’s punch it out to the internet and the News Services too.”

John: “Just a hunch… but search the Society pages too.. From anywhere.. everywhere.. I don’t care… try it all.”

Hit Enter….Nothing but silence.

John: “Ok.. Lighten the search criteria .. Try for 75% of the names.”

Hit Enter…and there it is! A page from High Society .. July, 2000. The picture shows many, and the text reads.. “ Large turnout for Bosnia fund raiser.”… Crystal: “ Holy shit it’s all of them”… Name after name after name……

Soon the FAX goes and there is headline from a similar function for a different non- profit cause from June 1996.. And then again from July, 1992… 1988.. Etc. Back to summer of 1964. Washington Post, L.A. Times, People Magazine…etc.

Jimmy: “ A couple of names have changed along the way… but one here looks like the brother or son of the original guy…same last name anyway..”

Sil: “ Of course , not everybody is going to survive for this long a time.. There has to have been some replacements..” “ Are these the most philanthropic people on the planet or what? They’re helping everybody… look at all of this stuff.. I feel really bad John”…

Franco: : “How were you feeling when Metro 1 was stuffing a rocket launcher up your ass.. Were they just mis-directed do-gooders with the wrong intentions?…. Silence… “ OK, got the point..enjoy your

21. F

cigar…. What now?”

John: “ We’ve got the where…. now we look for the why.”

Crystal and Jimmy hovering about the screen: “ One thing the program has spotted, these meetings are always 4 years apart….”

John: “ and..American elections are when…. November.”

Sil: “Are these election years we’re talking about.”

Jimmy: “ yep.. Dis Computer says for sure.”

Sil: “ and this is an election year…Where are these meetings held?…. Crystal: “Mostly in New York and Los Angeles… a couple in Paris…. Same hotels though.”

Franco: “ We may have a why mixed in here kids.” “ How long before elections are these meetings”… Crystal: “Always in June or July… about 5 or 6 months average…”

Franco: “ You mean like… next month?” Sil: “Shit!”

John: “Those hotels need a call and see where the party’s booked … or if it’s booked….This is going to be embarrassing if their only giving away money… I didn’t expect another Mission Impossible.”

Fade to Franco’s office phone:.. “Ok, there is a meeting Johnny boy.. We’re lucky… The 4 Seasons right here.. It’s more like an all day event than a party… starts at 10am… till about 5pm.. Yea…… “The African Survival Fund” along with “Earth Forever”… a couple of biggies right now…. It’s Saturday , July 3 rd….. Independence day theme I guess.”

John: “ Listen, if they are pulling something off… they’re doing it right in front of everyone… Something’s funny here. How do we find out what’s happening without blowing the whole deal?… any suggestions?

Franco: “OK, I think,.. if they’re on the up and up… there won’t be anything but light security… If they’re not John Q. Public’s helpers… there’s a good chance of even less security….. To stage these shindigs right out loud like this… They must think they are way above any kind of problems , and let’s not forget… they’ve been doing it like this for

22. F

a long, long time.” … John: “ I know the microphone’s are easy … but can Jimmy make a camera rig that can sweep the room without being noticed?… “I don’t know…lets go check this place out.. It’s bound to be big.”

Camera fades during conversation to the 4 Season’s conference room and John and Franco walking in with open eyes. “ What do you mean… impossible”.. “Look Johnny boy… the table is about a mile long… try to find a camera lense that doesn’t make it look like a Beatle’s Cover.. And look at the rest of this mess… wide open and a dining room as well.. We would need full news coverage.”

“Frankie…Bingo.. You just fell on one answer… that’s how we do it without alarming everyone… We hook up to the satellite feeds … direct broadcast… record it as well… And then if they’re the bad guys we can broadcast live …or we have the goods anyway…. If they’re the good guys… we do nothing…and If we get caught.. We broadcast it like the news coverage of the Charity event that it is…”

Jimmy shows up…

“Sorry , a we bit a traffic…Whoh! It’s a big one… The audio is fine.. Forget the dining room… business will be at the table… and maybe I got me one idea for the camera.. Maybe..” His eye’s travel toward the ceiling and barely noticeably past a large central chandelier … “We know they’re gonna sweep the room so we got to use plastics and fire wire.. Is there a room for rent above this party?”…”We best grab it.”

3 days before the party: In Boston with everyone:

Jimmy: “Do you remember the chandelier at the 4 Seasons…Well here’s a new center crystal for it but… this one is special.. It’s our camera…a prism camera.. (turning on the TV monitor.. It shows the room and occupants divided into an 8 sided kaleidoscope .) “ we can select and zoom… (as he shows this happening).. And the microphones are two of the candles… Easy!.. all we need to do is install.” “ We can rent the room for a Friday night private function… we have the room above all week.. I just need these wires run up the chain to the ceiling and we can

23. F

punch through to the room above… from there it’s all good for sure.”

Fade to:

(While the conversation continues… we see Friday at the Conference room and they are doing exactly as planned… Sil and Crystal in the room above feeding the wires down as John weaves them into the chain.. Jimmy is installing the crystal and microphones… Done)… Everyone meets up in the room above and Jimmy un-folds a broadcast dish from something looking like a fan …and setting up other equipment he says .. “ I can tap into the hotel TV for a monitor and use their internet Modem for a live feed..

Franco says: “We are sending direct feeds to my brother in Milan and to the Boston Institute on a timed record, Just in case we need to call in back ups.. Listen up kids, on Saturday, the best satellite we can access is only available from 1pm to 2pm .. There is another one at 8m.”

John: “Everything else is dependent on them.”… “ At the very least we’ll get to see how much these kind of people contribute to their pet causes” … otherwise.. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” “ We’ll see everyone here at 7 am. Tomorrow..”.

Jimmy: “ I’m gonna sleep here boss, there’s a couple of things to check and anyway, Crystal and I never had a room like this.. OK?”

Saturday Morning:

Sil and John show with Coffee and Cakes.. Everyone’s checking and adjusting. Waiting….. Bored, but wired up….

Down Below… The cars start to show one by one, almost as if scheduled that way.. A couple of body guards do watch and secure the area.. More for some than others.. Everyone is dressed well but not too pretentious. Shaking hands and exchanging small talk, they move from the street quickly and continue straight through the lobby to their Hall… We see and hear some small talk and as the body guards take their position out side the main and only doors, everyone sits and comes to attention.. Very formal. Cut to our guys upstairs… watching the TV.. Checking close ups and sound.. All is well and they too settle in.

24. F


Speaker of the House: “I want to take this opportunity to welcome all of the distinguished representatives from all of our great sectors of world commerce and say, that since our last meeting of four years ago, we have made tremendous headway in the control of our global community. We have been able to increase…(with special thanks to the representatives of both Military Force and Fuels and Transportation).. the completion of a great pipeline through Afghanistan while controlling both the cost of available oil and at the same time, stabilizing population growth in the area.”

“Friendly Governmental control in Afghanistan has been obtained by our allies which will insure the smooth transfer of this territories rich fossil fuel resources to the free markets. While still retaining the current premium price of $41.00 per barrel.. I believe we will see $60.00 or more by November.” (Applause) … pause.. “ A couple of more sensitive issues I would like to touch on here….”

“Though it is indeed unfortunate that the use of terrorist attacks, chemicals and fear weapons upon the United States and our other free world allies was necessary to gain the needed public support to complete our missions… and although these events were in themselves tragic, we must remember the necessities and greatness of our goals. I quote the great actress Bette Davis who once said, “Growing old is not for sissies”..and Amen to that…. But, I might add… growing our Free World Enterprise System is not for sissies either.” ( applause)

“We’ve faced and survived other hard decisions as we all remember well. Texas and Los Angeles we all thought were rough at the time , but look at us now!”

“Also please…a moment of respect for Karen’s father Ronald Chambers. We lost him last year after his almost 42 years of acclaimed service here as representative of entertainment and communications. ( polite Applause)

“Karen will introduce herself to those that don’t already know her on the break, but for those of you who do know her, it has been apparent to see that she is following in her great fathers footsteps and is not a force to be taken lightly..(laughs all round)… welcome Karen and please accept all of our condolences for your very personal loss.”

25. F

moving on… The large screen behind starts the industrial type video presentation. With music and the FWES logo opening.

“The co-operative efforts between our representatives from both Science and Medicine have also made large contributions to world stabilization. In their ongoing desire to work together they have saved our world 1/2 trillion dollars in this year alone. By simply retaining the now developed AIDS 422B vaccine for three more years of testing, they have insured income into the trillions for our partners in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. Ancillary, by product gains also include a decrease in population thereby reducing our education and welfare system overflows.” (Applause)

“A special mention should also be given to the bold efforts of our new representative of entertainment and communications….(Acknowledges Karen… news clip with face on screen) (Applause)

“By utilizing the newest in 3 dimensional design technology… and, I might add… amazing accuracy of detail.. (Provided with the full cooperation of our Military Force experts), our young citizens are now learning advanced military weapons control and strategies from as young as 14 years old.! AND!.. on the true to life, video weapon simulator games of the future.” (Applause)

“This.. will give us the cutting edge in years to come in our on going indoctrinations of freedom and commerce on a world wide basis… All of this, and a projected 38o million in profit this year on game sales alone.” (Applause).

“Now, I know we have many special reports from our illustrious representatives to get on to, but first I would also like to thank the combined efforts of our international intelligence community and their impeccable relationship with our global news and communication services… in their brilliant, combined management of creative reporting. In their unprecedented ability to maintain the necessary “spin” to support our just causes publically, and in helping to maintain our flourishing global trade. These are wonderful and exciting times where our people will continue to follow our lead into our prosperous times ahead…. We have come far in our 42 years of global leadership… and the proof is clearly here…in this room today!… thank you everyone.” (Applause)

“Now, I would ask the representative for Natural Resource Trade to take

26. F

the floor if he is ready to proceed”.

“Certainly sir”… “Speaker of the house and distinguished representatives…..My report is not as glowing as with the outstanding profits of four years ago, however I feel confident that there are solutions. The free cutting forestation act of 1998 that we passed through the American Congress has caused magnificent profits and trade with our Pacific rim allies. However, the clear cutting of North American harvest ready woodlands is at an end. The only way to sustain the type of profits we have enjoyed in the past, is to work with our representative for Governments in re-establishing new National Park Boundaries that decrease protected areas by 25%…both in our American and Canadian territories. This will insure us free cut timber for the next three to four years. During this time , I recommend switching our sights to plastic building products. In working with our Eastern allies , we should be able to make a comfortable switch in which our profit margins will not feel the depletion of timber forests. Our new Afghani pipeline should be able to handle these additional demands. And soon, we can add more territories of the far east .. Including Iraq, to our fossil fuel stockpiles.”

“Next, I’m sorry to say, as anticipated in my last report, our oceans and rivers have finally been fished out. Our farming of Salmon and other captivated, natural species is not yet functioning at optimum performance due to the increased diseases of captivity. .. It appears these diseases do not hurt humans by consumption, but I ask the representative for science to please check this out further… hopefully before my next seafood dinner”… (Ha- ha’s).

“We all expected the many jobs lost in our ocean harvesting businesses. However… with our increased military presence in the non-conforming territories, these lost jobs can be translated into higher military enlistments for the younger sector. Unfortunately, The older sector have a naturally limited usefulness….”

“I have been examining our free water conditions on a World wide basis and at this time, I see no need to invest additional monies into the restoration projects proposed by some of our territories . We have built a substantial business in the sale of re-converted, bottled water and our profits are now close to equaling those from our fossil fuel sales. I think these profits speak for themselves and my recommendation is to continue as planned.”

27. F

“Oh, also…”

“I have heard one recommendation for the clear cut forest areas that grabs my attention…. To turn them into fast growth grazing lands for new cattle. This is not a bad idea. The demands and future growth of our fast foods industries show a need for more inexpensive beef and the stripped land can maintain a growth cycle of grass for approximately five years before 100% depletion is obtained. After this time , we will need to look elsewhere for solutions.” “ Thank you.”

Speaker: “ One question, do you anticipate the need to have more funds available for our lobbyists .. I feel acquisition of these park land forests could be quite costly?”

“Good question sir, In 1998 we contributed only 270 million and change to special U.S. funds in our acquisition of the remaining free cut timber areas and we removed our taxes and liabilities at the same time. Canada was somewhat higher due to a larger available yield at that time. Our profits come in.. Somewhere in the 9 to 10 billion area… significant for our investments. I have indication from our Representative of Governments that we can expect the same treatment again in both territories and that national park lands are not a priority issue in this coming election.”

Speaker: “ This is true Horace?… Thank you John… this is good news indeed.” “And next our new representative of Communications and Entertainment… are you prepared Karen?”…

“Gentlemen…thank you for your kind words earlier, I do appreciate them.. And my report will be brief. $1.9 trillion in profits this year alone! ( applause).. “A 600% increase from four years ago!” ..” Need I say more?” “ The profits from our satellite and fiber optic installations have allowed the quadrupling of cell phones, and cable and satellite Television is operating on a world wide basis. The introduction of commercial advertising into both cel phones and pay television has produced staggering amounts of revenues … and soon we will have the majority control of Public Internet facilities. Our data collection base of personal, consumer information is flourishing and with it, the opportunities to target specific buyers by demographics and income is almost ready to go online.” “ The development of the Picture phone is allowing us to collect current digital images of all of our users. .. We can control news and

28. F

information now in real time. No more lags… If we need creative control of a specific world event.. We now have it in seconds…. Thank you house.. I can only predict more of the same for the future.” .. And I can only say… I am honored to follow my fathers path forward in the Free World Enterprise System”…(Applause)

“Excuse me Mr. Speaker” as the Representative for Medicine, I have questions to direct to both Science and Monetary Trades… would this be the appropriate time to continue?” Please, by all means sir….

“ I am receiving some pressure from our friends in Pharmaceuticals. As you know… this left wing attempt by some territories… specifically the United States… to import Prescription Drugs from both Mexico and Canada is becoming a problem. We all know that our same companies sell exactly the same drugs much more inexpensively in those territories than we do in the U.S.. This has long been due to regional economies and what the market will bear in each territory. A drug such as Prozac can sell for 500% more in the U.S. And also requires a Doctors prescription.”

“As representative for medicine, I see not only this potential loss to the pharmaceutical companies.. But… as lost revenue for our doctors.. should the need for certain prescriptions be eliminated altogether… It could be a staggering blow to our medical profession. I believe we must continue our stand in discouraging the importation of drugs from outside sources. We can continue indefinitely in our position that these drugs might be harmful without further testing. This stand also supports our position on the AIDS issue verses population runaways.”

“Secondly, I have been reviewing the problems of the rising costs of liability insurance for our doctors and I would like to direct this possible solution to our esteemed representative for Monetary and Legal Trades.”

“We all see this happening.. but due to the outstanding profits in our insurance and legal industries, we have been reluctant to make a change… but now it is a real threat to our medical economy.”

“I believe a possible solution could be to turn a percentage of the yearly insurance and legal representation profits back to the doctors themselves… like a sponsorship, if you will .. This would reduce the Doctors fears of liability suits by allowing them to share in the wealth of

29. F

mal practice claims. .. After all, without the Doctors we would have no mal practice revenues at all… I haven’t looked at the details for feasability of such a plan, but I ask the house to review my thoughts. Maybe it could be in the form of a reduced premium for those doctors that contribute to the systems profits.”… “Can I ask to talk more with both Horacio and you later regarding this issue Steve?”….. “Certainly and thank you for your input…. but you get the lunch representative…” Ha – ha… (Applause)

Speaker: “ Does anyone else have a pertinent subject to bring to the table before we break for lunch?…”Ah, Education… please take the floor Madam Severac.”

“Gentlemen… Karen…”

“I see a trend developing where there is quite a boom in higher education. An education by and for professionals. This is quite good, but I see this trend now forming a gap within our work forces. While we haven’t had this problem in our 3 rd world territories in the past… soon we will. We have been outsourcing most of our jobs to these smaller territories due to their lower pay standards, but now these territories are turning out future generations of more highly trained professionals through private education and their pay standards will soon increase. Then what do we do? Our profits dwindle and the competition for the higher positions flourish. Even our own positions could become endangered eventually.”

“At first I thought the solution to this issue was to increase the education opportunities in the larger territories. But now I see more clearly. What we should do is focus on the lower paying, “blue collar” education in our public systems. The more “privileged” individual can pay for their higher education within the private sector and for this reason, we should continue to increase tuition and standards in our colleges until they are only available to the top 3%, and of course special family sur names, gifted individuals……or prospects for professional athletics.”

“The others we need as “worker bees”. If the smaller territories are turning out more highly skilled professionals… then their pay scales will naturally increase over time and so their cost of living. BUT, the pay scales will be lowered again in our larger Territories if we limit the average education and the outsourced jobs can return without hurting

30. F

profits.” (Small applause)

“For a realistic, intellectual balance within the workplace, I propose to the house… rolling back the standards of our basic , public education. Offer more training in basic job skills, such as..I don’t know…. assembly line workers, seamstresses, construction helpers, auto repair, computer repair.. Mending… fixing…digging… fruit pickers… … lumber jacks…” “ We no longer need algebra or Calculus… Philosophy or Biology. These are things of the past.. Wehavetoo many specialists… we need workers!…”

“Another issue pertaining is.. My studies at this time show…that schooling should NOT include arts , music or literature for the future. There are specialty schools for this and frankly, in the next four to five years, there will be no more money to be made from arts… everything is free on the internet or bootlegged… Intellectual property copyright protection is an ideal from the past.”

“Lastly, in the next few years much of the schooling can be turned over to interactive games and to the internet and most of the costs for teachers and staff can be eliminated. If we look to the future and start to think progressively, we can also benefit from our gained control of the internet… which as we heard from Karen, is now in process. In this way we will not only control the information presented to our students but collect the fees for teaching them. I would venture that this implemented concept would be of astronomical financial benefit to this house in future years.” (Applause)

Speaker: “OK, any questions?…Done! “This is a lot of new information to absorb before we resume. I propose we take our lunch as it is now….after twelve. Thank you everyone.”

“Excuse me Sir, I am getting an important call which may necessitate my absence during the second program today, may I briefly speak now?”

Speaker: “ I think I speak for all here when I say.. I am hungry.. But if this is important.. then proceed General (retired). Please house… a few moments for our esteemed Military Force representative…”

Gentlemen…Ladies.. I’m sorry but there appears to be a turn of events on our mid eastern fronts that need my immediate attention… please bear with me.”

31. F

“ You all know, War is a situation of delicate balance and my job these days is not easy. I need more input from the board as to the priorities of our individual missions. In some areas it is clear.. our top interest remains in establishing a government supportive to our Free World Enterprise System … But, in other cases.. Where this hasalready been achieved … we have now moved into the second phase objective of Balanced Population Control. Given the new information here today, I feel I will need up-dated figures from the house pertaining to optimal casualty levels. I am unclear as to the correctness of the previously recommended BPC loss balances. Because of these problems in job outsourcing and education, should the balances be changed to take this into account… as well with the possible insurgence of new military enlistments from the failure in our Ocean Harvest Sector? Can the military handle this insurgence of recruits? The maintenance cost and training of one new recruit today has escalated to roughly $212,000 per year. Taking this into account, shouldn’t the friendly casualty levels be increased?”

“ Remember now, it is far easier to reduce the numbers in the opposing forces with the availability of our new, limited field, nuclear weapons. But… for friendly force reductions we need time and planning. We also have ancillary expenses in transportation, burials and family support to consider. As you see, this becomes extremely complicated and I pose these questions to the house for priority consideration .”

“Thank you, that concludes my presentation for the moment and… if the house agrees …let’s continue with this beautiful lunch.”


No Words… Sil is starring tears and Crystal is holding Jimmy tight.

“Did we get all that”.. Blurts John… Jimmy… “Yea”.

Franco: “ Now what have we done.. Now what… shut this down and the world we know ends.” Sil” “ What are you proposing .. Nothing?”

“No… I need to think… this is nuts.”

John: “ Well,…whatever the solution is.. It needs to come fast….

we have 65 minutes before we have to link up or not…”

Crystal: “ I think if they have the ability to do all this… they have the ability to undo it… especially because no one wants to go under.”

Sil: “ Why don’t we just confront them? Franco: “ With, smile your on candid camera”…” “ Yea…something like that I guess”.. Where does that leave us?”….”Protected with our back ups.”.. I hope!” Chimes in Jimmy.

32. F

“That’s out first check.. Franco, call your brother now.. Is anyone at the institute that can check if we recorded?” C: “ Maybe my friend on the day staff… I can try..”

Sil: Holding up a white card she has been writing on.. “ How’s this?..” simple and to the point. “ We have it all recorded … we need to talk now”. John: “ What in hell are you thinking .. Are you just going to walk it in there?”

“I’m going to address it to Horacio and deliver it to the nice men at the door… then I’m just going to wait”.. She folds and writes Urgent Attention.. Horacio C. Carpenter.

Franco: after some Italian conversation..“We’re good there”.

Crystal: “ The lab is good too..Let me go with you Sil, they’re going to be more peaceful with two of us… Jimmy , keep recording and be prepared to Broadcast all of this… “ Just a look from Silvia to John.. Agreement and resignation registering in his face, To Franco a look: Franco: “ I need to be back up if your gonna do this Sil..”

“ If you want to back me up .. Then stay here and do your job.. Get the broadcast out and keep those things rolling..”

A rushed clean up… make up and clothes straightened.. “ We don’t want to scare them away too soon”..a private, nervous laugh Between Crystal and Sil.

“ Back soon boys.. We’re going to look for some men”… And out the door they go. John: “ Shit… what just happened here?”… and silence all around.

We follow the girls down the stairs and through the hall ways.. The guards spot them and brace their positions.. Looking to each other for clarity..

Sil: “ It’s ok guys.. we have this message for Mr. Carpenter … it’s extremely urgent and one of you will need to take it in.”… Crystal: “ You know Mr. Carpenter is very disappointed if he doesn’t get his news right away” Sil: It’s fine.. We’ll wait here with ( looking at the name tag on the lapel)… Arnold”. “ We can sit over here”… motioning to a salon area with a couch.”

The girls retreat to the couch and smile sweetly.. The guards talk briefly and one knocks and goes inside… the other changes position to center block to doors.

33. F

Silence:… The girls wait nervously.. Upstairs, the guys tap and pace… Jimmy: “ We won’t see anything until they’re inside.. Now I wished we covered that dining room too..”.. The camera just looking at an empty table with an occasional shadow of a suit walking past.

Finally the doors open below and Horacio..flanked by a couple of representatives.. Talks to the guard who motions over to the salon area and girls. Horace takes the lead and sternly walks directly to the sitting girls holding out the note… “ What is this”… “ You have what all recorded”..

Sil and Crystal stand and face him.. “ We have today… this meeting.. All recorded”.. Crystal. “ We have all of your names Horacio”…. Sil: “and, most importantly… We have back ups… You know…. other recordings in other places?… “ Can we talk inside please?” Dead silence and slowly… Horace turns and offers a ‘ladies first gesture’ with daggers in his eyes.

As they walk : Crystal slows up with Horace… “ Right in front of everybody… right in front of the whole world… how could you?… how could any of you?…

From upstairs: Jimmy: “OK they’re inside… oh please baby be cool for sure”…

We see some of the representatives coming back to the table questioning these unexpected events.. Speaker: “ Will everyone please return to the table for a few moments. We have guests.” Sil and Crystal are seated in the middle of the far side… After the assembly is intact, the speaker continues… “ first ladies who are you?.. Crystal: “ We are the World Sir.”

“ how could you do this .. Right in front of everyone.. Does anyone have that answer?”

The General: “ What makes you think you can expect to ever be seen again.. Who ever you are?”

Sil: “ We have recordings sir.. Of this meeting.. Even this part now… we have records on each of you and your field contacts… and best .. We have a satellite link ready to broadcast this little party in,… 45 minutes”…

Crystal: “Of course were backed up General… we have safeties everywhere. If not today… we’ll get you tomorrow… we’re just the messengers now… Our fingers are on the button of the biggest bomb in world history..”

34. F

Sil: “ Feel lucky… we aren’t here to start a new Faction,

only to end this one… you can’t buy us and you can’t kill us…. those have been your only weapons.. but now if you use one… the trigger gets pulled on you anyway… Let’s face it… Your all dead right now!”

Speaker: “ What do you want exactly”

Sil: “I don’t know.. We have a problem. If we release this recording… the results would be catastrophic. Your dead anyway, but the world isn’t yet.. No matter how hard you’ve all tried… it survives… First .. I want to know why. Does anyone here know why?

Horace: “Ladies, we respect your position and maybe when you hear ours I hope you might feel differently… now where to start. Most of us here are older now and we were young and excitable during world war two. Mussolini and Hitler were going crazy and then it was Japan who wanted domination in the end… We had some money.. We’re mostly from good families…”

Madam Severac: “…And many of our families were wiped out or imprisoned in the camps.. I had to take on a French Identity to survive.”

Karen: “My father was captured and tortured for 3 years on some South Pacific Island before he came home… He was 19.”

Sil: “You don’t consider this .. The same? You don’t think your using your money to buy our rights?.. To just buy up any ideals or constitutions that may differ from your own?”

Crystal: “ Your controlling the controllers! .. Why is this better?” “ You haven’t fixed anything… just the opposite.”

Sil: “ and then full circle.. We show up to control you.”

Sil: “ Karen.. Exactly what is a “ Spin” on the news? When did you get the power to legitimatize your self serving version of the truth?.. How many versions are there anyway?” “ From what I see, the truth changes from day to day according to the television.”… “ And you General ..(retired)… You talk of Population balance like it was a video game.. Why?.. are you God? … are any of you God?

Crystal: “ Mr. Representative for Religion.. While General God here is busy culling the populations , your people are speaking out against birth

35. F

control.. And the answer is really in education… something Ms. Severac or whatever your real name was, is trying to reduce. How can you think your doing a good job at anything other than lining your own pockets?… Mr. Speaker… when your own daughter has AIDS.. Will you still feel the same about the importance of three more years of testing?”

General: “ Look little girl, there has always been war and there will always be war… this is the primary climate for a strong economy.. And if we can control population overflows at the same time… so be it. The “People” you are so worried about, don’t seem to care… they just have sex and more sex and babies and more babies.”

Crystal to sil: “ Do I detect a little frustration here..”

Sil: “OK look, we’ve listened and we don’t buy any of it.

Time is short.. Too short to change your minds and your 42 year “Spin” on things. Let’s get down to business… don’t forget, when you say no to our offer… this time the real world will be watching… complete with your own “personal contact information”.. (looking at Karen)… “ Everything Karen here has been working hard to develop… is available to us too. This isn’t going to be only the TV, but the internet, the papers, in every language.. We might even make a movie about it.”

“So now….Your dead. Lets start there. When you passed away, you left quite a large inheritance to someone… let’s make it to everyone…let’s make it to the world shall we?…. now how are we going to spend it?

Speaker: “Would it satisfy you, for us to make a 50 million dollar contribution to “Earth Forever” and “ The African Relief Fund”.. Then we can walk out of this today doing what we said we would do… Gain some favorable press and we’ll forget this little meeting ever happened.”

Crystal: “Look Glorious, Exalted, illustrious leaders of The Free World Enterprise System… We have 25 minutes… now you decide.. “ Let’s start with 100 million to each fund.. Not this year, but every year. Then let’s find a few more organizations that could use some help…. But moving on to the big ones… General , you need to make a dramatic change in the way your doing business. We know you’ve got a lot of friends that make their money from war.. But they are going to need convincing that they just can’t do it anymore. We need you to come up with a plan to withdraw all troops from all independent territories, admit the armies were wrong for being there in the first place and you guys need to start spending your own money to rebuild those countries.

36 F.

You can get some help from the U.S. for sure and probably some of the coalition countries as well. The problem is… they’re not going to know your already dead…. My guess is, they will kill you again for getting them into this mess in the first place… Same goes for intelligence. Big problems in changing your stance… but hey… who got you into this thing in the first place.”

Mr. Intelligence is up and around the table with a vengeance, if I’m going then so are you two… Mr. Military is close behind.. Everyone scurries and then two shots… bang! and bang! … both guys are hit and down. Mr. Speaker is standing with gun in hand… The doors slam open with the bodyguards dumbfounded… followed by Jimmy and John who rush to the girls… Sil: “ aaah… “ They’re with us.”

The Speaker motions the bodyguards to shut the doors and says.. “I think we’re alright.. one of us owns this Hotel. You aren’t the first to find us.. I knew we were in trouble when we let those military guys in…

(Guards have moved the wounded back to their chairs and everyone re-seats at the table.)

Speaker: “I for one make the motion that we work with …aah.. Our four new friends here… in the best interests of our Free World Enterprise System. All in favor?”…. Jimmy: “That name has got to go for sure”… Crystal: Maybe it’s just the word ‘Enterprise’ that’s wrong…” Sil: .. “‘System’ is pretty bad too.”

John: “ Let’s get moving please… we are recording.”

Sil: “Karen… can we do something about eliminating those commercials on cable TV?.. after all.. I already pay for the service…right?”… God, where do we start… Listen that AIDS vaccine has to be released now….”

John: “ All that education talk needs some re-thinking as I see it..” Jimmy: “ And those war games for kids.. I know.. I make em.”

Speaker: “ We will proceed in a dignified manner…but, I am beginning to see your points…. “this is going to be difficult… oh boy is it… but…let’s start ….shall we board?… our choices are extremely limited.”

Up in the room Franco is watching the screen and breathes a sigh of relief… leaning back in the big chair, he puts his feet up and lights a big, fresh cigar… The smoke swirls round and round… setting back into motion the atmosphere and clouds of the planet as the camera view pulls

37. F

away like a rocket…, taking it back into the blood stream… the spinning earth disappearing into the red darkness… we travel back through the blood, the tissues and to the… light.

We see the same woman’s blue eye blink a single blink and a tear falls away… the doctor is still examining the eye… but checks again confused… “Hello”… he smiles to the eye.. “ Well, she’s here now… I don’t know what it was before.. But she’s back.. How do you feel?” …

Woman: confused but at peace…” Fine,.. I guess..!?!…….better than ever actually”…………….. We leave it on her half smiling, half wondering eyes.

James Donnellan
1 st Draft Storyline 04-2004
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