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October 31, 2005

[Dallas part two, or Elvis has left the planet!]

After everyone in the group had said a few words, we were whisked away for an appearance on a local TV dance show.
In the sixties, every city in the country had a show just like it! They were all carbon copies of Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” complete with their very own smiling “mannequin.” We “mimed” My Little red Book, thanked the audience, thanked the “mannequin” and were off to the Dallas Hilton.

The next morning, Kenny and I were on our way to the hotel coffee shop, when an elderly couple stopped us and said how much they had enjoyed our appearance, on TV the night before! Kenny and I were expecting to be “ragged on” about being long haired hippies___and these folk’s couldn’t have been more gracious. We both felt like a couple of jerks!

After breakfast, the group was taken by limo. To Neiman Marcus, for a record signing! As we entered the worlds most “Exclusive” department store, we were each given, a “Ten Gallon Stetson Hat, and a thousand dollar gift certificate, redeemable anywhere in the store!
I bought Mom a pair of “solid silver” candlestick holders, [She still has them!]

Bryan and I, were seated next to each-other, at the “autograph table” and this day___like so many other’s, “brother” Bryan was in top form! He was every bit the Gentleman, with something to say___too every one of our young autograph seekers.

A very attractive young lady, with a charming southern accent, walked up and asked “are you all staying at the Dallas Hilton”? Bryan spoke right up, yes we are!
She apologized “I’m sorry I was speaking to him,” looking straight at me “what room are you all in” Bryan, noticing my reticence, chimed right in with my room number.

When we returned to the hotel, Bryan insisted on coming up to my room, he was curious to find out, if she would really show. Sure enough, about twenty minutes after we arrived, there was a knock at the door; Bryan jumped up, opened the door and invited her in.

After a few moments of “small talk,” she made her intentions very clear, abundantly clear___this “chick” was “too the point” even for the “free wheeling” sixties!
Bryan got up to leave___no-no, we’ve got to finish working on that song, I demanded “what song” Bryan responded? You know, (the song) I said, raising my eyebrows the (new one)!
“Echols___what on earth is your trip”? I grabbed him by the arm and ushered him into the bathroom; Bryan this is Texas, the South (I informed him).
They “lynch” folks down here, just for the hell of it! This is a “setup” I’ll bet there’s a pickup truck full of “good old boy’s” waiting down stairs,
hell they’ve probably got a tree all picked out, with my name on it!

Bryan started laughing, he laughed so hard, he started “coughing” with tears streaming down his face! In his eyes, the whole situation was hilarious! “Echols, you can’t be serious, you’re tripping out! We stayed in that bathroom at least ten minutes, going back and forth___back and forth. Finally Bryan stated, (with exasperation evident in his voice) Johnny you are being totally paranoid, this is too much for my head, I’m “splitting” I thought about it for a few more minutes, realizing how “silly” this must seem. I chuckled too myself, maybe I am being “paranoid” what the hell! I walked back into the room and she was gone.

Just another day in the life

Johnny Echols