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Johnny Echols



September 26, 2005

Back in the day, Jim Morrison and I were pretty close “buds.” So on a beautiful day in Oz. The two of us, along with Bob Lee (rhythm guitarist in the Leaves) decided it would be “cool,” if we all went to the sports arena__ to see the Circus. We arrived a bit late, so the only seats available were in the upper deck.

Of course, three “hippies” walking through the crowd, caused quite the commotion and we were treated to the usual stares and rude comments. (I have to give our boy credit though), He suffered the indignities like a trooper and “held his mud,” ( At least for a short while) In due course, with assistance from a kindly usher we found our seats. The Circus, was a blast, there were lion tamers and tight rope walkers and even a dancing bear, everything was going great, until they sent in the clowns. Jim “freaked out” He started screaming and cursing and giving those clowns hell, it goes without saying, that the crowd responded with more stares and even ruder comments. Jim was unfazed, He kept up his nonstop tirade oblivious to those around Him, including Bob and Me!

After a short while, I came to the “profound” realization that I could not, through the power of will; become invisible. I did the next best thing and slipped out to the refreshment stand.

I’m standing there contemplating my next move, when a person I had not seen for years, walked over to me, it was Mr. Mazique My Jr.High school Principal. “If it isn’t Johnny Echols, how are you young man__are you attending college? I stammered out a response, that I was a musician and was doing well. I could sense He was not impressed, then He asked if I had heard the commotion inside from those vulgar hippies. I was about to respond, when that kindly usher along with a security officer pushed through the crowd, with Jim and Bob in tow. As I was again trying to become invisible, Jim called out come on Johnny let’s get out of this place. Mr. Mazique, with a disgusted sneer__it, ‘s obvious you and your “friends” will never amount to anything!

Just another day in the life

Johnny Echols