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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 101-103

SHOW #101-Jan 29, 2003-Edinburgh, Scotland-Queen’s Hall

Scottish Keith and I had Scottish Mexican food after soundcheck. The food was good but the margaritas were awful…AWFUL. Keith brought me a kilt for the show (which I wore with pride) but I wore underwear underneath (Scottish Faux paux), just in case there were some cheeky Scots in the audience (aren’t there always?) If it’s a Scottish Rose ye seek, methinks you oughta look Keith’s way, as he is completely committed to wearing his kilt in the, ahem, TRADITIONAL way! Now, his show was a lot of fun but a fan got mad cause the singer wouldn’t sign his CD but it was cold and there was a draft and we had to get him to the dressing room. The guy posted something nasty the next day. Oh well. Everyone got Kebabs and headed back to the hotel where we pried the bar open, prompted up the bartender, and got the old geezer to pour without prejudice. Some people were playing Yahtzee and some were shooting craps. (Merch guy) Goff bought me a shot. it was just what the doctor ordered.

SHOW #102-Feb 01, 2003-Glasgow, Scotland-King Tut’s

I love playing King Tuts. The atmosphere, the crowd…it’s just the best. Earlier, after soundcheck, we all headed to NICE N’ SLEAZY for pints. Then back to the club to play pool. The show was packed (it only holds about 250 people) as usual and the LOVE fans were enjoying themselves very much. After the show, went back to the hotel bar and drank pints till about 3am with Ringo, Toni and Scottish Steve (who lives in York.)

SHOW #103-Feb 03, 2003-London, England-Royal Festival Hall

It started snowing the day before and we drove from Glasgow to London on the 2nd, which was a 9-hour trip with the snow on the road. Everyone was beaten and headed off to bed. Gene and I walked over to Queen Elizabeth Hall to see Camper Van Beethoven. Hung out with them later on after the show and finally got to sleep at about 2am that night. On the 3rd, the day of the second RFH show in 3 weeks, we were all more relaxed than that jan 15th show. Some of the Swedes had been stranded here in London and thus were on a 3-day Holiday in London! The snowy weather prevented them from returning home on the 30th. ( i know it’s wacky to fly to Sweden on Jan 30, only to return Feb 3 to London, only to return again to Sweden on the 4th! Sometimes it’s BEST not to ask why…but there is a reasonable explanation…)

The show went really great and Robyn Hitchcock came on for the encore of Singing Cowboy (2 weeks later, he invited us to join him on stage in Los Angeles for 3 LOVE songs)…later, MOJO presented the Singer a GOLD RECORD for sales of Forever Changes and there was a Champagne toast to celebrate the successful Forever Changes Concerts…that began in England town and ended in England town.