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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 104-108

Rotterdam, Motel Mozaique Festival

SHOW #104-Mar 29, 2003-Rotterdam, Holland-Motel Mozaique Fest.

This show didn’t come off all that cool, in my opinion. And the food backstage was a stingy situation. We received meal tickets and then they serve you this small amount and you only get one beer. When i bumped into Jack White (WHITE STRIPES) a few weeks ago he told me he was bummed that they missed the festival (Meg had broken her arm a few days before the show) cause they were looking forward to seeing us play and hanging out. I told him he didn’t miss much, especially if he was hungry.

SHOW #105-Mar 31, 2003-London, England-The Scala

This show was just the dog’s bollocks. Everyone had a great time and even though we played sans the ensemble some of them came to the show anyway when they could have had a night off in London. This is also the show where some drunk bastard nicked the maracas (what is it with you maracas thieves?)

SHOW #106-Apr 01, 2003-Glasgow, Scotland-Glasgow Academy

Another off venue (we were playing bigger places) where the audience just seemed like miles away. It’s tough to really do the show we like to do when the people are so far back. But still, i thought it was a good one. Hung with Scottish Keith before the show and later with Raymond from Teenage Fanclub and his wife. A bunch of us wound up at a Scottish dance floor even later and for anyone who missed Bjorn getting down or Scottish Su and I doing the hustle maybe, one day, we’ll do it again.

SHOW #107-Apr 02, 2003-Dublin, Ireland-The Village

This place was small and i remember being shocked cause last time in Dublin we played the Ambassador. I remember the first thing I did, when I got there, was ordering a Guinness! The show was packed and i recall everyone singing every word of every song. After the show, a lot of people danced including viola player, Eric, who’s a mighty good dancer. The Brummyy Brat was already slurring her words by 11:30. Irish Barry’s mates came out and were nice enough to bring with them a beautiful bottle of BUSHMILLS! God bless em.

SHOW #108-Apr 04, 2003-Athens, Greece-Rodon Club

We had to leave Dublin at 5am and fly to London ONLY to find our flight on Air France (to Athens) canceled due to a strike in France. But we arrive the next day and had dinner and then went to the Rodon and simply blew the roof off that place. Later on, we all drank some great wine with north London Hilary on top of the hotel roof and then Hil, Kose & I went out and found a beer cafe and drank till 5am. Until it started raining!