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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 112-115

SHOW #112-MAY 30, 2003-Los Angeles, CA- UCLA’s Royce Hall

This show didn’t go all that great. I think everybody knows that. But the Singer was in pain (from a foot injury) and tried his best. In retrospect, we probably should have canceled this one.

SHOW #113-MAY 31, 2003-San Francisco, CA- Fillmore Auditorium

This show saved the day, as we were a bit depressed (and tired) from the night before. Not only that, but we had an 9am flight to S.F. Everyone was a bit ‘zombie-like’ but we made it through sound check. The show that night was one of my faves and the Fillmore crowd couldn’t have been nicer. After the show, we all hit some bars right by our hotel. The next day (our day off) i went to a Giants game with some of my friends from L.A. (Deb and Missy) and also had some good food right on the bay.

SHOW #114-JUNE 3, 2003-Chicago, Ill- Park West

We flew into Chicago on our day off and arrived at our hotel sometime around 6:30pm. We’d stayed at this particular hotel before and KNEW there was a bar right downstairs, which was the first place i went once i checked into my room. The show that night was fabulous, thanks in part to John San Juan doing the guitar teching for the Singer and to Urge Overkill singer/guitarist, Nash Kato, helping us out on guitar and vocals on SINGING COWBOY. Also one of the fun things that night was drinking at a local bar with Cleveland Fritz and Motown Juliana. We were drinking, I think, Hefeweizens, or something like it. Fritz was too kind and footed the bill (thanks Fritz!) Afterwards, some people went to a bar with Nash while others went to that bar at the bottom of the hotel.

SHOW #115-JUNE 5, 2003-NYC, NY- Town Hall

We flew to NYC on our day off and a bunch of us went to VIRGILS for ribs (off 46th and Broadway, midtown Manhattan) while the others went to JOHN’S PIZZA, which was off 48th and 7th ave (i think), which wasn’t too far from us or the hotel. Although i thought the Town Hall workers were a bit lazy and, for the most part, useless, the show came off really well. My buddy, Michael Shelley was there and Mike F. did a swell job of getting the beer together (thanks Mike!) as well as keeping the guitars in tune.