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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 116-119

SHOW #116-JUNE 28, 2003-Glast, Eng- Glastonbury Festival

We got to the Glastonbury grounds around 4pm and then hung out and chatted with the Super Furries (good blokes), the Coral (nice as well) then chatted with REM keyboardist, Scott, whom i’d met before back in ’98 in Seattle. Everyone was really up for the show. Played some tetherball backstage with Caroline (i won) and drank some beers. Went on about 7pm to a big crowd, played a fun show and was off in 1 hour! Afterward found the Bonnie Scots and proceeded to celebrate with strange drinks till the wee hours!

SHOW #117-JUNE 30, 2003-Cardiff, Wales-Coal Exchange

Had some drinks with Martyn before the show and then we went on stage a little later. My amp blew up that night and it was hot as heck if memory serves well. This wasn’t my favorite show if I recall. But Cardiff was a great town and it was a pity Mel Spice couldn’t make it, as it’s HER town.

SHOW #118-JULY 1, 2003-Nottingham, Eng- Rock City

I remember really liking Nottingham and the club was a total rock club. Before sound check Chapple took my amp apart and fixed it, which was amazing if you think about it. After sound check this really mean-looking bald guy made us an excellent curry in the club basement. We really rocked the show and the Singer really had a good time.

SHOW #119-JULY 2, 2003-Wrexham, Wales-North Wales Institute

Wrexham has got to be one of the prettiest places on earth. Unspoiled, calm, serene and just…beautiful. I wish we could have stayed longer than a day but that’s life on the road; one must keep moving because the show must go on. This show was fun and i really liked the new wave artsy band that opened up. Maybe these guys can look back on that night years from now and say, ‘we opened up for LOVE and we actually played a bunch of new wave music. Oh well, we can always chalk it up to “art school shenanigans” or something of the like.’ I actually really enjoyed listening to the music but i personally would not have played it before LOVE.