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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 16-18

We played only 3 shows in 1995 that I have listed in my notes. One is sometime in April, at AL’s BAR in downtown Los Angeles. The other two are at the Coconut Teazer in July 15 ’95 (w/o Mr. Lee, but it was an official LOVE show, he just couldn’t “make it”…) and at the SERIE B festival in Prodejon, Spain, with The POSIES and WHITE FLAG.

The Al’s bar show was quite ferocious, as I recall. Local punk rock legend, FALLING JAMES (now a music writer for the LA WEEKLY), was at this show and I remember him being way way into the set. Everyone was excited. Unfortunately, Rusty and the Singer got into an arguement after the show and Rusty quit the group (this would only last for 2 months.)

Three weeks later, we were slated to play the Coconut Teazer for the 30th Anniversary of FOREVER CHANGES and RHINO RECORD’S official release of the LOVE anthology, LOVE STORY. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the SINGER was not able to make this show. But WONDERMINT, Probyn Gregory, sat in on trumpet and the crowd enjoyed it just the same. Rusty NAILED every vocal part and all boots of that show that are floating around have failed to recognise who really sang that nice. That’s how good Rusty can sing.

A week later, we hopped a plane (sans Rusty) for Spain to play the previously mentioned music festival. This show was one of the most fun times of my life. And I’ll never forget seeing a couple of 13 year old kids wearing LOVE t-shirts. Spain was just amazing and the night life in Madrid was everything I’d read about and THEN SOME. This was also Henry Lui’s last show as a member of LOVE.