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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 39-41

Show #39-May 26, 2002-Berlin, Germany-QUASIMODO

We checked into are hotel in Berlin and it was fresh. I was impressed. The bar downstairs wasn’t bad either and the bartender, NOLTE, was pouring it like it was a hobby or something. The Qusaimoto club was kinda small and dinky and the crowd was sort of quiet but, all in all, I enjoyed myself. After the show we went to Lenny Kravitz’ birthday party. He was on tour with Macy Gray. When we got to the party, he was already in his tour bus but Macy was walking around the party and she must be about 6 ft. 4 inches tall.

We had the next day off so Chap, Rusty and Daddyo rented a boat and took to the city river. Gene and I rented bicycles and rode around Berlin on an incredibly beautiful day. I believe the SINGER stayed in and got some rest.

LOVE in Utrecht

Show# 40-May 28, 2002-Utrecht, Holland-Club EKKO

I remember our hotel being about 40 min from the club! It took like FOREVER to get there. But the show was fun and again, the club has a chef cook for us. This was also the place where I finally met the Freedom man! I think this was the show where Petra yelled, “Arthur Lee on the sing,” and in the process, immortalizing herself in the diaries.

LOVE in Amsterdam

Show #41-May 29, 2002-Amsterdam, Holland – The MELKWEG

I remember this as my favorite show up to that point. It was gonna be hard to beat it, I figured (although Madrid “manhandled” A’Dam the next week like nobody’s business.) at the time. The sound was great, the crowd was great and I thought the band played really well. Later on I made the big mistake of going to a bar and of course staying out till 4am and sleeping through my wake-up call! I then had to rush and make the taxi to the airport for our flight to Barcelona the next day.