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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 42-44

Show #42-May 30, 2002-Barcelona, Spain-The BIKINI CLUB

Our hotel was only about 3 blocks from this venue, which was sort of like a big Gymnasium, and it was hot and humid but the city was nice and everybody was kinda “chilling out.” I remember the promoter, Monika, took us to dinner where there was a lot of fish and a lot of wine. The show had a lot of people there and it was an “ok” show that had some sound problems. But that may have had something to do with the sound guy smoking hashish at soundcheck… Afterward, some friends came backstage to hang out, including Robert, who was responsible (along with Rosanna from ROTO records who also owes Baby Lemonade MONEY) for bringing LOVE to Spain in 1995…

Show #43-May 31, 2002-Valencia, Spain-LA SALSA REPUBLIKKA

We stayed in a big hotel in this city and my room was on the 11th floor and there was a pool on top as well, but i was too slow (although Monika got to swim) to beat the closing time and had to settle for a bloody mary and beer at the hotel bar, courtesy of Mike and Bec; 2 brits who were living in Valencia. Mike bought us all a couple of rounds (thanks Mike!). later, we played a great show (although Chapple’s bass rig blew up) and later gave Mike and Bec a ride back to the hotel so they wouldn’t have to cab it (a 20 min drive).

Show #44-June 1, 2002-Madrid, The ARENA

This turned out to be one of the best shows ever. A sold-out show at the Arena and nearly every single person singing every word! Afterwards (and after the Singer was long asleep), we hung out with INGRID and her friends and probably drank in about 5 Madrid bars until 5 am….we even had Gene with us! Then we found a terrible Kabob place…simply the worst..and stumbled back to the hotel. Thank God we had the next day off, cause Ingrid took us all shopping that Sunday afternoon at the weekly flea market. I bought a great pair of shoes, CHEAP (still got em!!!!), and had a great time sampling the sardines and pickled garlic (kiss, anyone?) from the street merchants. I could see how someone could so easily fall in love with Spain. I know I did…