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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 89-92

SHOW #89-Jan 11, 2003-Milton Keynes, England-Stables Theatre

How could I forget the first show of the Forever Changes UK tour, all the mud and rain, COLD COLD weather, snow on the ground, and the great curry we got in the town nearby (stone-something or another…) Also, the bartender at the hotel, (name withheld), kept hitting on us as she was giving us free drinks but things went a little too far when she started calling me and Chapple’s hotel room at 2 am. We declined her offer to “get drunk with me, dammit” and went back to sleep. The phone rang again at 2:30am. Fearing it was her again, I chose not to answer.

SHOW #90-Jan 13, 2003-Bristol, England-Colston Hall

This show, to me, was much better than Milton Keynes and as an added bonus, nonother than Mel Cicero was in the 7th row, pink hair and all! She told me later that her and her boyfriend had enjoyed the show and that it was nice to see we had an “official” crew loading our gear for us! We couldn’t chat long, as her better half was waiting, as they had to drive back to Cardiff, but it WAS nice to know Mel approved of the FC Ensemble, seeing as how she’s such a “Rock Gal” and wants the guitars loud and solos long. By the way, Colston Hall was a really nice theatre, albeit, a COLD one…(does ANYONE in England own a heater?) Also, Graham Coxson called my mobile to talk about playing RFH with us while Gene and I were at KFC…ah…the memories…

SHOW #91-Jan 15, 2003-London, England-Royal Festival Hall

I remember this day being super long cause of the film crew and the interviews for the DVD and such. Although I thoroughly understand how these things are necessary, they are real distractions and it’s a complete challenge to play rock and roll and the end of the day when you have so many un-rock and roll things to deal with. Still, I had fun at the show and it was nice to chat with Graham after the show. All the booze at the after-party was gone in, like, 10 minutes; 3 cases of beer and 12 bottles of wine. There were maybe 50 people at the party. That doesn’t add up, does it?

SHOW #92-Jan 16, 2003-Oxford, England-Brooks Univ.

With the pressure from the filming and recording of RFH behind us, everyone got loose and played a heck of a show at Oxford. Unfortunately, security was tighter than a mosquito’s ass and we didn’t film this show so there is no audio or video representation of this show. Still, it sits (from memory) as one of my favorites. The security goons were only too happy to throw every fan out as soon as the last chord finished ringing…and it was damn COLD that night…but Ringo and I found a good pub before the show so I was nice and warm.