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Countdown To A Decade:
Shows 93-96

SHOW #93-Jan 17, 2003-Cambridge, England-Corn Exchange

I was very impressed with Cambridge, finding it nice and with good folks in it. We had a couple of great meals like Japanese and Thai and had a really fun show. David Housden (of the Castle) was there as well. DRAW bassist, Rosanne, got the Singer a burger after the show from the delicious kebab cart that was across the street. We also got completely tanked after the show while watching a Raider’s playoff game that came on at midnight. We stayed in Cambridge for 2 more days, just hanging out in town, causing trouble.

SHOW #94-Jan 20, 2003-Brighton, England-Brighton Dome

We had no idea how windy and rainy it would be in Brighton. Not only that, but the really old pier that was set for restoration got obliterated from the storm. Our hotel was DIRECTLY across the street. it was awful. Thankfully, the show turned out much better and i even spotted Jeff Trice and his lovely lady, Allison, in the front row. If you may recall (in a really old Diary), Jeff gave me the 2 England shirts before last year’s Brighton show, which directly contributed to England’s win over Argentina, allowing Seaman to deflect every ball that came his way. I forgot to wear it for the game versus Brazil though (whups.)

SHOW #95-Jan 21, 2003-Sheffield, England-Hallam Univ.

Ringo and I were to meet at a pub across from the venue when i was abducted by LOVE fans David and Chris (i think his name was), taken to a pub booth and forced to consume several pints of Bottingtons. Sheffield were playing Leeds, I think, on the tv a little before our show. Maybe that’s why the crowd was kind of not really impressed with us. Or maybe it’s all the steel? I remember the show as not being very memorable! But Scottish Keith filmed it, with his bad self, and swears it’s a good show. Still, my fondest memory of Sheffield is tring a HOEGARDEN for the first time, last summer, which prompted the following phrase out of my mouth (and you really have to American to appreciate it): “Hoes gotta drink too”

SHOW #96-Jan 23, 2003-Birmingham, England-Birmingham Academy

The brummies were out in numbers for this show. last time we played the Academy here, I was very ill and we played up stairs to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. This time, the crowd was much much larger but the serious, wild fans were right up front. Still, this crowd was like being in church, compared to Liverpool and Manchester, which were the next to shows coming up. Brummy Lisa was filming the show (for the Singer) from the balcony WAY IN THE BACK and we felt terrible for her cause she was so far back. After teh show, I hit the bar next door for some truly righteous pints and some of the nicest folks on the planet.