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“A CHRISTMAS POEM” including Fan Pix!!
Dec 24, 2002

“Twas the night before Xmas”

Twas the night before Xmas and all thru the tour Torben drove city to city to see us once more


As fans from Seattle, Vancouver and Eugene took in the tunes as we set the scene

The Message board lit up with Lizzy B and Caryne keeping us excited with news they were sharing


and like mike West in Denmark and Steve64 and the Bristol fans outside when the tickets were no more

like drinking in Newcastle or on a big Dutch ferry how we lived in the moment, how we were oh-so merry

like “Nice n’ Sleazy” in Glasgow or the “King’s Arm’s” off the Thames or a lushy Keith Stodart, “Hold the Tonic, mate” just Gin


The bike rides in Berlin, the Paillet sisters in Paris, France, or “Big Hands” in Madchester, drinking Guinness, listening to Trance

Like Irish Barry, Swedish Eva, Norwegian Liselott, or Dublin Dan next time you read the diary make sure to thank Freedom Man, Barry, Ed

Barry, Ed

And Ringo, Rusty, Chapple and Gene, Daddyo, Jazmaan, and Gina Traci, Natasha, Scully and Dukie and Ingrid at the Madrid Arena


Natalie and her sister and their cousins in Sheffield Glenn Povey, Bent, and Kose, and that Chick from Nottinghill

And don’t forget Mel Cicero smokin’ a spliff and writing prose while the diary was too ill, she took the wheel, LOVE stories were told

Mel C.

Dave Housden’s Castle, the Sodra in Stockholm, the Premier Lodge in Milton Keynes Greek Island holidays, maracas that got away, the girl who said “Arthur Lee on the Sing!!!!”

All of us together, brought each other joy since Arthur’s release a year ago who could have guessed the trip we’d make and even the fans we’d get to know?

So I wrote a poem, my intentions clear, as I turned on my evening light and wanted to say Merry Xmas! and to all, a good night.


all the best,

Mike Randle


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