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“A day off in Brighton”
June 8 2002

Well, it is saterday morning and in 30 min we’ll be heading off on an hour or so ride to Southampton. I finally had a good english breakfast (still passed on the beans!) at the hotel; bangers, mustard, toast, eggs, cereal and juice. Mmmmmmmmmm (yeah, right!). Last night I went wondering around town about 10:30 pm (after we all-Arthur included-went for chinese food) and everyone was completely plastered, just celebrating England’s win over Argentina. I mean, people were being carried back home. So that’s a really big thing here. Lovers were kissing, friends were hugging. You’d think something really important had happened. But i guess, in a way, everyone in Brighton felt like winners yesterday. And i suppose that is the whole point of sports and cheering a team on; we all feel that our support in some way makes the difference. And who am I to say otherwise?

Ok, remember the tatooed woman who i accused of stealing my setlist in Amsterdam? Well, she didn’t do it. She sent me an e-mail so i want to apologise to Petra for my mistake. Not only that, she wasn’t even tatooed! She was wearing a shirt with tatoo designs. So i was Doubly wrong. My bad (american slang term for “my fault”). So, the diary not only talks but it listens, ok? There appears to be many people who are at multiple shows, and with the short distance between some of these british towns, it must make sense to some people to keep buying tickets. Well, fine with us! It’s good to see some familiar faces!

Also, I have written 3 diaries already that have not found their way to the site. 2 of them are on Gene’s laptop and the 3rd is in some bloke’s hand from the Brighton show who promised to type it out and get it to the site. Where are you, fella? Don’t let me down! Funny how England still has toilets in pubs from WWII. And the idea of quick communication hasn’t really caught on here. But it will, i know it will. The missing diaries deal with VALENCIA, MILTON KEYNES (yuk), and Brighton. So, I beg everyone’s patience. Now, I could just wait and sit on these but I feel they are much better in the moment.

Ok, so I gotta check out now and get in the van. Mick is reviving it up and we’ve got more music to play. I believe we have 6 or 7 more shows and then I am off until I fly to sweden (june 25) for rehearsals for the Roskilde festival June 29 (on the green stage, 6pm…get yer tix!). Until then, I will be bouncing around london, possibly a trip to York for a pint with Ringo, and back down again. Then it’s back to the good ol’ USA and seeing Dubya’s ugly mug again (boy i was so releived not to see his face). So, july 1, iam back in town. The United States of America. Home of the free, land of the MoFo brave (had to say that!…it always makes me laught…)

Next up, Southampton gets the rock, but can they handle it?

Mike Randle