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A Typical Day On The Road
May 24 2002

Gene, asleep on the train from Goteburg to Malmo.(Notice the “Hit Me” sign in him!)
photo from Mike’s camera

Well, it’s Thursday afternoon and we’re on a train (first class all the way, baby) en route to Göteberg, Sweden, from Oslo, Norway. I had breakfast this morning around 9:30, which wasn’t very good by the way. Gene usually gives us a wake up call to remind us to eat but he didn’t this morning and I think I was the only sucker that remembered. We receive calls also telling us what time to be in the lobby so we can taxi to the airport or train station or whatever mode of transportation Gene seems best.

The trains can be relaxing and the seats are comfortable but it’s still not easy traveling on a train, especially if you are hung-over, which I’m not (thank goodness!) But it is a nice opportunity to catch up on some much-needed rest. As I write this, Daddyo is reading a book, Rusty’s listening to Wilco on his portable CD player, Gene is reading MOJO magazine and I’m on his laptop trying to write this!

In 3 hours, we’ll be in Göteberg, where we’ll check in our hotels, eat dinner and shower and stuff. Then, around 7pm, we’ll sound check and at that point, which a show-time of 10:30, you are pretty much free to do as you wish. Since the gear will already be at the club when we arrive, all we have to do is plug in and get the sound together. Since this tour started, Gene’s cell phone hasn’t stopped ringing, no matter where we are! And it seems to be more and more good news. When we finish our sound check, we sometimes go up to the dressing room and sample the sandwhiches, water, beer, things like that.

Some of the guys like to go shopping or sightseeing after sound check or just go back to the hotel. I prefer to go to the hotel because I typically nap for an hour or two and then shower before I head back to the club. Gene makes sure everyone knows what time to be where, although we all have tour itineraries. Of course, this doesn’t stop us from asking Gene anyways! So we go back to the club around 10pm (for a 10:30 show), relax, write set lists, ect… This where Arthur sometimes makes a suggestion about the show or the set list and we make various changes.

When the show is over, we go backstage and relax a bit. After a short spell, we’ll go back out and talk to the people in the crew and people who work and that club and thank them for making the show work out (assuming it works out!) Arthur has been hanging out with Fans after every show. At this point I usually ask a local for a nice quiet bar where I can go and chill out. It’s great when you also get to hang out with some nice LOVE fans as well. Depending on how much fun I’m having, I may get back to my room as early as 1am or as late as 5am. I can always sleep on the train or plane!

There’s so much traveling involved in touring. And everyone develops their own sleeping and eating habits. No doubt about it. But I find this a wonderful job where I get to travel, play great music, meet wonderful people, make new friends and spend time with guys I really respect and care about. There seems to be so much to look forward to and everyone is playing a part. Ok, I’m gonna go nap now.

Mike Randle


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