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“>”Copenhagen, Hallo again!”
June 29 2002

I am in Copenhagen, Denmark, writing on a very crappy danish computer that has almost nothing usable so if this comes out funny, don’t blame me, ok? Its been a few days since I was able to get to the computer but it\s nice to be in denmark, even though its raining and cold outside. I walked around the city last night around 3am in the rain and it was lightning and it was great! plus I couldnt sleep because the bartender at the hotel was leaving for another job and it was his last night so some guests thru him a party but it got too loud! my room was directly about the bar, but at least they played the beatles all night!

So, Rusty and I flew in here Thursday from London. he spent part of his holiday in wales and I, as you know, went to York. speaking of wales, apparently the welsh have found a new use for sheep….WOOL!…ok, no more jokes! that joke was Bahhh Bahhh Bahhhd…ok now THAT was really silly. So, once we got here, we say Chapple and Dave casue they had already flown in from LA with Arthur. Then we all went out to dinner for a great italian meal, including our danish tour manager, Bent. then those guys went up to chapples to drink some beer but Bent got me stoned and I had to go lay down and then next thing I know, breakfast is being served…so I am a light weight I guess!

The next day, I walk around the trivoli square, which is where I always sort of hang out when I visit Copenhagen. when I got back I saw gene had arrived with his youngest daughter, Franscesca, who wants to be a drummer! She’s about 9 years old and cute as a button. Funny, but she really wanted to come to the festival that we are playing tonight, Roskilde. And right now, it is saturday morning. we are going to do a rehearsal in about 10 min with the strings and horns so I gotta run very soon. But first I have to mention this…the fans sound off thing I wrote, wow, I gotta do a part 2, 3 and 4 because some of this stuff is too good to keep to myself!!!! And I keep getting e-mails from busty, blonde women…who speak in metaphors…help!…so tonight we play Roskilde festival at 6pm, on the green stage. next time I write you, I will be in Los ANgeles…no rain, no trains, just mexican food and Coronas…Dos Cervesa, por favor!!!!

Mike Randle