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“Day 24, part 2: Sorry Toto, but we’re STILL in Kansas…”
August 16 2002

It’s around noon and we’re heading up the hwy on the 70west, about 40 min. from the Cracker Barrel so you know we’ll stop there. I can’t think of a more exciting time than i had in NYC and especially at the Bowery Room. But i must admit, Britian is aware of our eminent return and are already starting to claim the singer as their own (again), which he loves becasue he loves england (well, we all do…sort of…)

We’ve decided to haul ass today and try to make it to Grand Junction, Colorado, which is just outside Utah. And that means we may be in Las Vegas by friday night..but no late night partying because wehave to get up early…ok, a little late night partying…but no strip clubs…ok, maybe one (or two)…but thats’s it, ok?

This state of Kansas has 2 million people but i don’t see anything but corn fields and tractors. go figure…also, lots of hawks to take care of the road kill (gross..i know…)

So I’ll have about 3 days to get ready for Scotland. And speaking of the merry scots, Edinburgh was once again the first city to sell out the european tour. Now, let’s see ’em get as rowdy as the Glasgow folks were. Glasgow got wicked wild. Maybe Edinburgh oughta hit the pub first? Can’t wait to see all our good friends in Leeds and Birmingham and Bristol….the places we missed in May but they still drove (or rode a train) far to see us. This bud’s for you.

And to America, for sharing the LOVE experience. It’s been grueling and rough but it’s been worth it…and it’ll be much better next time.

Mike Randle


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