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“Does Anybody Remember Laughter?”
June 15 2002

Right now, we’re on the M6, leaving Wolverhampton en route to London for tonight’s show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. This tour is 3 shows removed from being over. The Promoter Glenn Povey (of Second Wave Promotions) has been happier than a pig in shit because all the UK shows sold out completely. But he’s a great guy and we all like working with him. Also before last nights show, Gene presented Arthur a letter from MPs (Members of Parliament) declaring him and the Forever Changes album as Great and it is now written as a legal declaration! And if that wasn’t enough, Robert Plant came to the show last night! He also dropped off a video of live footage of him doing “A House is Not a Motel”!

Last nights show was a really fun show. We did “The Daily Planet” again and it sounded great! The crowd was awesome as well. During “7 & 7 Is” Daddyo broke a drumstick but pulled another out so fast, you couldn’t even notice. Afterwards hung out with Dukie, the Ultra Love Fan I’d last seen in London in ’94. He bought me a Guinness (Thanks) and I chatted up a couple of cute Birmingham lasses, Lisa and her friend (name escapes me) who had on the coolest pair of Rose Colored glasses. Their friend, who was also there, Declan, is coming to the Dublin show. Lisa plays trumpet and offered her services in the future (trumpet services, that is…), which I thought was nice. I promised I’d pass it on to Mr Lee (I did). It was almost impossible to understand Lisa and Declan, with their thick accents, but to top it off, they were s-t-o-n-e-d! And I mean Summer Of Love stoned, OK? And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was great fun talking to them and Lisa was very complimentary of the group and the rose colored glasses wearing bird was such a cool chick, so it was a fun night all the way round.

Afterwards we all signed some autographs and went back to the Hotel. Arthur had left earlier by taxi because he wanted to get some sleep. Mick and Gene went to their rooms, but Chapple, Rusty, Daddyo and I went to the Hotel Bar for Bloody Mary’s. The guy had just closed it, but was nice enough to open it back up for us. The hotel we stayed in, Quality Inn, was really expensive but it wasn’t even worth it. It’s incomprehensible how the British put up with bad service and high prices. I feel like these hotels are just crap. Can’t wait for England to go Euro!

Mike Randle


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