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Goodbye Athens, Thank You LOVE Fans And let’s Love One Another For A Change
Sept 11 2002

It is 2.14pm on wed, Sept. 11. My holiday in Greece is over in 4 hours when I board that plane at the Athens airport. Although I experienced an incredible pleasure of paradise and solitude in Agistri, I endure the evil eye and rudeness that some of the Greeks have for Americans here in Athens. They see America as a big bully that is a hopicrat. I wish i could argue with them but I can’t. Because I am ashamed at what the beautiful USA has become in just 2 years since the PRESIDENT/SELECT took office. A man that has achieved nothing…nothing on his own in life and was handed the most important job in the world by the united states supreme court.

So, he laughs now. But I don’t. And people see an American and think that, because we are supposedly free, the right man that represents us got the job of president. Well, they are wrong. More people voted against DUBYA. That should tell you something. And now the day is 1 year from that terrible day that shook so many people’s worlds and people cannot even be nice to one another. I have to apologize for my government. So, I will say this and be done with it…ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Look at it that way and the deal is done. Let’s DEMAND a peaceful solution. I don’t like people looking at me funny. I want people to smile and feel the LOVE that we are all blessed with. Not the dark cloud of an impending war. But I will promise you this…no more Dubya after 2004. I don’t care how high his numbers are. The people will speak again and THIS TIME they will be heard.

Now then, I would like to say thanks to Torben over in Denmark for saving the day on the diaries. Freedom Man had some problems and Torben rescued us from oblivion. Torben is a true gentleman and it is always a pleasure to see him. Ed FREEDOM MAN Toussaint asked me to write for his site way back in march 2002. An look, there maybe over 100 of them now! maybe not all good! But Ed has made many LOVE fans happy and I feel very fortunate that so many wonderful fans have come along for this very special ride to celebrate a man who has created such amazing and beautiful music. Yes, we ALL want our freedom!

Thank you also to Caryne and Jeff Trice (and Allison!!!!) and Scully for helping either by writing a diary, transcribing a diary or providing me with official England football shirts, you made the machine run THAT MUCH SMOOTHER. And to Mel Cicero, a true LOVE FAN and amazing writer, who never met a bacardi she didn’t like: thank you so much for the help and taking it upon yourself to be where the action is. You and your spliff went a long way! and we are better for it. And please, leave the ponytail on the top! it suite’s you! anyone that has met Mel knows she’s mad for a good time and is absolutely the life of the party. She could do some extensive damage to a Greek island, no doubt. So, thank you, Mel.

And finally, thank you to anyone who read the diaries, wrote me or turned other people on to it. I am signing off for 2 days but then I’ll be back writing from my home in Santa Monica, California. To you all I say gratzi. Somewhere, there is a drink with my name on it….

Mike Randle


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