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“Holidays In Agistri”
Sept 8, 2002

Wow, I’ve been on this island for 2 days and I finally found a computer! Daddyo, Rusty, and I are in a beautiful hotel, right on the beach, which was put together by the Greek promoter of the festival we played (which was amazing!). I gotta say, he sure picked it right. Let me just say this; I’ve gotten thrown out of one bar and closed another down last night. There are, like 4 girls per 1 guy on this island. Those are Vegas-like odds. The food is great, the booze is cheap, the girls are beautiful, the people are nice, and the beach is clean and clear… I mean, this is paradise, if there ever was one. The girl who runs our hotel, Leah (whom Rusty Christened PRINCESS LEAH, but whom I now call PRINCESS), a cute young Greek girl, took us to her favorite restaurant, where we had swordfish and wine and (of course) Greek salad with delicious feta on top. Then she took us to her favorite bar, I forget the name, but it’s owned by a woman named YANNA, and her 2 daughters work there as well. One of her daughters, Katemaras (I call her Kathy), is kinda Goth. The other is studying the guitar and playing us a song (the only one she knows). We all got very very very drunk…maybe it was the whiskey? anyways, Yanna suggested I go back to my hotel and get some sleep. It was 4 am, after all.

Leah & Mike

The next morning, I went back to her bar because I thought I forgot to pay but it turned out that I did indeed pay so I settled for bloody mary instead. It wasn’t half bad although it could have used a kick and there was way too much vodka in it. Afterward, we rented motorbikes and rode to the other side of the island…which was breathtaking…and then we found a beach and there was an absolutely incredibly fine-ass woman sunbathing. I was like DAMN. I was tempted to ask her her name but then I figured, when you are that gorgeous, you don’t even need a name, huh?

Mike Randle


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