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“I toured with Arthur Lee for 6 weeks and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”
June 23 2002

Ok, it’s Sunday, and I’ve pretty much been at the pubs and having curries NON-STOP. Just made it up to York after finding Oxford Circus in London and taking that to King’s Cross to ride a semi-crowded train up here where it’s nice and quiet. Since the last entry, I’ve been up here and then gone back and now here I am again! I played an acoustic show last night in London at the 12 bar club on Denmark street which went nice. I saw Scully there, along with his girl, Michelle, and the UK promoter of the tour (and Cantebury festival promoter), Glenn Povey. It was loads of fun. Met up with Rusty and some of our other friends on Sunday in Portobello market and then we all headed to the Royal Festival hall to check out the Langly School Experiment, which was about 230 kids singing Bowie and Beach Boys songs. Spot on, yeah.

I got about 5 more days before I have to head off to Denmark to rehearse for our Roskilde show. I am at LOVE ROADIE, Ringo’s house here in beautiful York and we are gonna watch “Jay and Silent Bob strike back” on DVD. No, we aren’t stoned! Should be a gas. London was loads of fun but a bit hectic always hopping subways and trains and this and that and dealing with uptight English people a lot but hey, it was fun so what can I say? I keep wanting to write something longer and interesting about the band and the trip and just cover stuff I never wrote about but I can’t think of a thing so maybe I’ll just keep typing like this and something will pop up?……..

Well, I have a lot I want to share so I’ll think about it a little more and THEN we’ll see what’s what. However, I will say that I feel bad for Seaman, the bloke who got blamed for England’s loss. Well, they wouldn’t even be there if he hadn’t had a stellar game against Argentina so give the man a break is all I gotta say. Also, one week from today I will be in Los Angeles… ah…

Mike Randle


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