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“Maybe the LA people would be the times?”
Oct 1 2002

Well, we finished our little So Cal mini-tour and it was really fun; the people came out in droves to support the band and the amazing talents of the SINGER! The Henry Fonda show was packed and guess what but none other than Neil Young was at the show! And it was great to see the people cheer when Arthur introduced former LOVE guitarist (circa 69-74), JAY DONNELLAN, who was seated up in the balcony section. Although the monitor guy was UNBELIEVABLY incompetent, we still plowed through a fun set and everyone seemed happy.

It was a blast to walk to the club after dinner (after soundcheck, we went to a good Thai place on Yucca and Vine street) and see, like, HUNDREDS of people waiting in line to get into the club! makes you feel really good. The next day, we went down south to the COACH HOUSE in San Juan Capistrano, and rocked a fully packed house as well!

The next day, Rusty and I went to see Elvis Costello and the Attractions at the Mayan Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. What can I say? He was AMAZING!!!! Afterward, we saw our neighbor, Michael Hartman, waiting to catch a bus back to Santa Monica…yes…WAITING TO CATCH A BUS FROM DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES TO SANTA MONICA. He must be nuts, right? I mean, why not wear a sign on your neck that says; “ROB ME, KILL ME AND DUMP MY BODY IN THE AQUADUCT, PLEASE.” So we gave him a ride back and he offered to buy us a round at RICK’S TAVERN, on Main street. And we were like, yep, that’s a good idea! So we go in and see the usual Characters, enjoying nice cold ones, while the Ocean (which sits about 200 yards away) waves could be heard pounding the shore if you simply walked out of the bar and took 15 steps north. It was nice to rock again, and it was nice to hear someone else rock, but it was nicer to be back home.

Mike Randle


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