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“Music tonight!”
Sept 19, 2002

Well, I finally get to hear someone else play for a change! Tonight I’m going to check out my friends, Candypants and my other friends, the Twigs, perform at Highland Grounds in Hollywood tonight. I think they have Red Hook on tap so I’m gonna take it on tonight and see what happens! Good to know the DIARIES back in the High Life again and thanks to Torben for holding down the Fort until FREEDOM MAN got back in the saddle. Provost!

Now, tomorrow evening, LA’s favorite boyband, WONDERMINTS, are playing at the Knitting factory. Not only am I not gonna miss it but I’m bringing my camera so I can take some pix for the diaries. Also on that bill is the AMAZING Kristian Hoffman. Anyone not familiar with Kristian’s brilliant music need to go to the EGGBERT records website (www.eggbert.com). While you’re there, pick up a Mike Randle record…

So, I am amped for that. Then, on Monday, the Anderson’s are playing at the Cat Club on Sunset. They are one of the most funnest bands around and Francis from Teenage Fanclub, swears by these guys. Come see and you’ll see why. I plan to bring the camera here as well so we’re gonna have a fun little weekend. After that, I’ll be in LOVE rehearsals until we go out of town to play 3 shows (actually one is in LA…whups!). Gonna set the scene and see what’s what in this dirty town I call home. I don’t care if the boobs are fake, THEY’RE PAID FOR, RIGHT? And that’s what counts in this business. If you got a Visa Card, you too can be President. I mean, you don’t have to be smart to be President. Dubya threw that one out the window, huh? OK, enough of that junk.

So, I been exchanging e-mail with an English bloke (who happens to be friends with Scottish Paul Barr so you KNOW he’s a lush…) names Keith and this guy is so fucking funny (and honest) he has me on the floor laughing! Hell, HE should write the diaries. He’s got a tix to the RFH show Jan 15 so I’m thinking, Keith you have to write a diary for that show, OK? I mean, my guess is Mel will be there (she’d better; wouldn’t be the same without her) but after about 4 brandy’s, Mel’s singing Aretha Franklin songs and you can’t very well write the diaries like that, right? So I’m thinking, Keith’s the man for the Royal Festival hall show. Speaking of RFH, wasn’t it cool that GLEN MAX, the guy who runs RFH and QEH, was at the Canterbury Festival IN THE AUDIENCE AND GROOVING TO “LOVE” !!!!! Makes ya feel good, knowing a promoter from another company is coming to YOUR show. Real Gentlemen, Both Glenns (MAX and POVEY).

So, we have to get through this Sept and then we will continue to work on the new songs and record, with some out of town shows to balance things out until December. Usually, Daddyo and his lovely wife, Traci, holiday down in southern Mexico every year where it’s nice and quiet. I wonder if Santa Claus is gonna bring me anything this year? Actually, this whole year has been like a xmas gift.

Mike Randle


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