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“Portland Rolls it’s sleeves up” 
July 16 2002

Aren’t you sick of these diaries? Ok, I was at a BBQ yesterday and New Times Columnist, Jim Freek (his column is FREEK OUT), mentioned that Adam Marsland also has diaries on the internet. Actaully I didn’t know it until someone sent me a message of Adam posting up saying he liked my diaries, and of course attached about 6,000 links of his own websites to the posting…(just kidding, Adam). I keep getting really positive e-mails about the Diary yet almost no one mentions spell check…

So, Rusty and I were jamming (just kidding!!!), um, PLAYING guitars today, working on LOVE stuff and such. Don’t wanna give anything away. Next week we’re at Bimbos in San Fransisco, and that should be so much fun…wow, I love the place so…but i must say, Portland is chiming in with e-mails…they are basically calling out San Fran…even going so far as to call the place “Frisco”. And everybody knows that’s a no-no in “The City.” Hey, I don’t care what anyone says about JOURNEY; that song,”Lights” STILL makes me friggin break down! But Portland is checkin’ SF, big time…pretty much saying SF ain’t got it to really bring the noise for an Arthur Lee show. So i’m asking some of these folks, what makes ya say that? I mean, can’t we all just get along? But Portland doesn’t seem to have time for SF or Seatown. Christ, they’re talking about BRINGING IT. Now, i remember when Edinburgh was talking the talk and Glasgow just slapped Edinburgh around (word to the east coast Eddies: we play yer town again Aug 22…make some noise…) like a rag doll. See, I know Edinburgh has it in ’em, but you guys were pumping up the message board…maybe it was the rain…

But back to Portland, Oregon. Now, i’m not jockin’ Portland too tight. I remember seeing Cheap Trick do a free show out by the landing and there were so many Trailor Folk i thought it was a convention. But, as I ‘ve said before, if all Portland ever did was make Widmer, it would be enough to make it a state unto itself. Now, talk about posting…there’s talk and suspicions of LOVE with Arthur Lee playing in greece. is Greece the word? That, ladies and gents, i don’t know. I do know I ‘m surprised Scully doesn’t know the answer because, I swear, he knows stuff before we know! Personally, i’d like to see Spain one more time……………ok, 3 more times!

I have my gear together..just have to swing by probyn gregory’s place to borrow his fight case for my Fender. He’s not on tour with Brian Wilson for the next month so he won’t miss it. Anyone in Southampton remember the trumpet player that played those 3 songs with us? He’s the man. he’ll do anything for Fish and Chips and a pint..which just happens to practically be currency in merry old England. Did I mention we went to a strip club in London that was WAY tacky? Whups, I should be quiet about that because we went with a friend who’s married and if his wife found out she would kill him, Rusty and myself. And then she’d REALLY get pissed off. Well, i’d avoid this place if I were you…it’s the flying Scotsman, near King’s Cross (ok, RIGHT across the street from King’s Cross…happy?). well, it ain’t worth the money, THAT’S for sure. But if you’re really clever, you can pretend to put money in the jar…kinda like people did in church when they were kids…but that would be wrong, now wouldn’t it? I mean, you don’t know if these ladies (and i use the term loosely) have mouths to feed at home. So i change my plea; tip the strippers. Now everyone is happy (except my buddy’s wife…)

Ran into my bud Carrie at the earlier said BBQ…he’s putting out a compliation of bands doing original songs that sound like their favorite LA friends/musicians/bands. I am doing the NOW PEOPLE. they rule. And, guess what? there is a new CD available on www.notlame.com by TONY PERKINS. His CD is called the UNLUCKY RAY EP. it’s a new release, and guess what? it’s fookin brilliant. Do yourself a favor and order it. Why do I care so much? I Produced and recorded it! But really, it’s wonderful. But go to the site and read the description and then BUY IT. Or ask some one who has bought it. It’s very interesting music. I like it. Yep.

Well, now I am debating whether or not to get off the computer and go to main street (just 3 streets down the hill) and have a few beers with Rusty, walk past main stret (by one block) and walk to the rocks with a nice bottle of red wine and watch the ocean waves roll in and even see some of the SAMO high (Santa Monica High School) couples roll around on the sand under their blankets. Ah…Los Angeles in the summer. Maybe I’ll take my guitar down their and annoy ’em…

Mike Randle


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