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“Premiere Dodgy Moldy Lodge”
+ Scully Diary
June 9 2002

Since our arrival in the UK (with the one exception being the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton), our hotel accommodations have been through the English hotel chain called, Premiere Lodge. The problem is, besides the fact that everything about this chain makes me think of the 1960’s, they all smell like mold. Daddyo and Chapple have suggested that maybe all the Premiere Lodges were under water at some point in time. Can’t argue with that ’cause they all smell pretty bad. And don’t try to do simple things like change money from dollars to pounds or buy stamps or use the internet business services-the usual things from REAL hotels, because you won’t get any. You are shit out of luck, lads.

Not only that, but the promoter of the UK shows, Glenn Povey of 2nd Wave Promotions, has had us booked at least 20 min. away from every venue. As a matter of fact, we played Liverpool last night (and Manchester today) and Ringo figured out that Manchester was actually closer to our hotel than Liverpool! (no joke…Liverpool is 30 min. from our hotel and the Manchester show is about 30 min from our hotel…) But Glenn had some pints with us after the show and now that he’s one of the boys (he shared with us his secret infatuation of Progressive Rock…) from our little drinking session in Rusty’s hotel room last night with Daddyo, Chapple and Ringo as well, Glenn as had a change of heart and now, all the shows from this point on has our hotels closer to the venue. Ah…the guilt of it all!

So, now, we are almost to Manchester and we’ll have nearly 4 hours to rumble about town and stuff. Last night’s show in Liverpool sold out and there were over 1,000 people inside to see the show. Afterwards, I asked HUGE LOVE FAN, Scully, to write last night’s diary. I felt like having a day off! Also, a first last night…Annie Hughes bought me a beer. Now, only blokes have offered me pints so you can imagine the shock on my face. But she did it with her husband Mark’s ok! So thank you! Also, Ringo’s brother, Paul Harrison and his cute bird, Charlie, were at the show. I hadn’t seen them since they visited Los Angeles several months ago and we’d gone to Barney’s Beanery for pints and burgers (yummy). Charlie said she really enjoyed the show and Paul liked it as well. Mick has been doing great with the t-shirts and other merchandise, so this tour has been good on many fronts. Nearly every show has sold out. The only drag is these Dodgy English hotels! And, get this… they charge you £5 for bloody breakfast in those places! Most reputable hotels offer breakfast as part of the service. Like I’m gonna pay almost 7 bucks (US) for beans and sausage and eggs that taste like cement mix. And this hotel last night didn’t even have Boddingtons so I was kinda upset about that. Oh, sod it all! Blimey!

The View From the Other Side of the Stage

(written by Tony Scully)

I spoke with Mike Randle after the Liverpool gig and he didn’t think that he would get near a computer for a few days and so he asked me to write the diary for the Liverpool gig, so here goes…

We got to Liverpool at about 6:30pm on Sunday night and went to the Lomax to check the venue out. The place was shuttered up, and a sign on the door directed us to the Nation club on Parr Street. There were a few other Love fans about and between us we worked out where we were going and set off. We got hopelessly lost (as usual) somewhere in Liverpool’s Chinatown, but a helpful couple with a map set us on the right way.

As we approached the Nation, my partner Mrs. P. pointed out that the Nation was built onto the side of the place Arthur had played in 1992, bringing back memories of that show. At least, the memories that still exist!

We wandered around the venue and then spotted Mike through the window, and had a bizarre “through an open window” chat with him. Gene also came up and said hello. Mike was showing off his lovely new tour jacket. Mrs P and I then headed to the pub, The Jacaranda, which was just round the corner. All you Beatles fans out there will know the name I’m sure. We had a few drinks and as usual got chatting with some scouse Love fans, who were getting really excited about seeing Arthur and the band. I assured them that they were in for a real treat.

On to the gig, we saw a couple of people we knew, and watched Stew (the support act) who is well worth seeing if you get the chance – but he’s got a tough job opening for Love. I bumped into Rusty, who I’d met briefly before and said hello.

Love hit the stage at 9pm, the band first and then Arthur making his cool and dramatic entrance. The place as usual went wild. The audience in Liverpool seemed younger than some of the gigs on the tour, and there also seemed to be more female fans, which is great to see. Arthur and the guys went through the set, playing with intense passion. Highlights for me were Bummer in the Summer (Arthur dedicated this to Mick and John Head from Shack, who were there), You Set the Scene (a chorus of a thousand scousers), Que Vida (which I haven’t heard live on this tour), Live and Let Live (as always) and Singing Cowboy, which was the well deserved encore. But everything was great. The crowd seemed to know every word of every song and were really appreciative. Arthur certainly looked like he was enjoying the gig, and said he would be back in the fall, with a full orchestra. There was a lot of dancing going on, some good, some really bad (mine).

After the gig I spoke to Mike briefly, when he asked me to do this, so here it is. We got back to the car and headed over to Manchester, ready for tonight’s gig at the Academy, which should be phenomenal. I’ve only been to four dates on the tour so far and I’m worn out – it’s incredible to see Arthur and the band putting out so much energy night after night.

Now I ain’t no musicologist, but it was great to see Arthur in Liverpool once again, where he has had so much influence. All the bands that came out of Liverpool in the Eighties (Bunnymen, Teardrops, Shack etc) all have paid tribute to him over the years, as well they might. He is simply a genius, and to see him with this great band is a Revelation.

(This Diary is written by Tony Scully,Thanks)

Mike Randle


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