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“The fans sound off”
June 25 2002

Now, i went through about 180 e-mails last night (for 3 bloddy hours!) and i fel really lucky to have the ear of so many great, music loving fans! I get loads of funny stuff from people but also lots of the same questions so i have decided to answer them here.

1. Mike, how did you guys come to play with Arthur Lee and how is it to work with him? -Ariel- Nice,France
Answer: Well, Ariel, Rusty and i bumped into Arthur’s manager du jour, Tom, and saw him buy a LOVE record in the record store where we worked and we started talking to him. found out he was the man so we gave him a tape of our band Baby Lemonade. You know, “Hey, if anything comes up, we’d love to open up for Arhthur, for free”. Got a phone call a few weeks later. Do we wanna open up for him at the Troubadour? Fuck yes! And back then, Arthur called it ARTHUR LEE. He didn’t change it untill he playe dwith us..but it wa his choice..but Arhtur knows we are his band…actually, we ARE a band. really. A real band is family..and we-are-family..i got-all-my…ok, i got alittle off track, Areiel, but you get the point. and, how is it working with Arthur? Great. I love it and i love the man. That’s my Brother, Arthur Lee.

2. Mike, what did you think of playing paris? Fabrice- Paris, France
Answer: Fabarice, i had a great time. I thought the sound people were great and the fellow who put it on, Julian was great as well. Julia, who helped with the technical and equipment stuff was sweet as well. Also, the food was really frigin gret man at the club and all that wine you gave us didn’t hurt either. The crowd was surpisingly crazy and in to it and it was a blast. The humidity was not so fun but the girls were pretty, the city ws lit up, the wine was pouring and the world was spinning. in my book, that’s a good time.

3. Mike, i waited for an hour to see you guys in Dublin. it’s not the 60’s anymore. why wait so long to go on? (name withheld) Dublin, Ireland
Answer: We have a Guru with us and he advised us to wait 1 hour until saturn passed across pluto’s orbit safely. Sorry about that.

4. Mike, my friends and i sat next to you guys at a restaurant in Gothenberg, Sweden and you said you were gonna meet up and hang out with us but you guys blew us off; what’s up with that?
Answer: Those girls at the table next to you

5. Mike, my dad says you sing flat and that Rusty tells the sound guy before hand to not put you in his monitor, is that true? Steve-Madris, Spain
Answer: Rusty and i go way back. My voice is so special that it intimidates him. Be kind to the lad.

6. Mike, when are you coming to the Isle of Man? Susan-Isle of Man, UK
Answer: where?

7. Mike, i hear you like Blondes with big boobs who don’t talk alot and just smile, is that true, or did someone make that up in a feeble attempt to make me e-mail you and embarrass myself in front of all the people who read your diaries?-Buffy-Dallas, Texas
Answer: Buffy, you talk too much.

8. Mike, i really loved the show in Berlin. thanks for coming and i just wanted to say the bass player was really cute. Arthur introduced the band, but i didn’t catch his name.-Lisbet-Berlin, Germany
Answer: His name is Mike Randle…just kidding! That thar feller’s name is Mr. David Chapple. Except no substitute.

9. Mike, what is your favorite meal? Next time you come to manchester, My sister and I want to make you dinner! Ann & Melanie O’Keane-Manchester, UK
Answer: Ladies, my favorite meal has to be Spicy Yellowtail Rolls. I will bring my own chop sticks!

10. Mike, i really loved the sound you guys make onstage. i think you each have your own grand sound going on. Do you prefer Gibson guitars over anything else? i noticed you only have then on your side of the stage while Rusty plays a Rickenbacher and David Chapple and Arthur lee plays Fender guitars/basses.-Sven- Malmo, Sweden
Answer: Um, i really love Gibson. Chaple’s got a great Epiphone 335 bass but he didn’t bring it to Europe. But to answer your question, i prefer Gibson. I play Gibson because i want the best. Plus i grew up a KISS fan!

Mike Randle


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