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“A day’s worth of work” “Royce Hall Cowboys”
June 1, 2003

I was late to soundcheck and when I finally arrived everyone was set up and waiting for the sound engineers to get some bugs out of the system. Johnny Echols showed up and jammed with us a bit. then the ensemble came back out and we spent about 45 min going over stuff. When we were done, everyone went to the green room to eat dinner but that’s when jay Donnellan showed up and no one wanted to stop eating so I think he checked by himself (sorry Jay!)

Dinner was an “ok” chicken breast, salad and pasta. I kept asking where the wine and beer was and the people at UCLA kept making promises. After dinner the singer arrived and I went to his dressing room and gave him 2 CDs; one was a bootleg of the Dublin show, thanks to Scottish Keith’s excellent tracking-down talent, and the other was my friend, Kristi Callan’s E.P. She does a great version of ANDMOREAGAIN. not 100% certain, but I think you can get her cd from her website (www.kristicallan.com ) or from Vibro-Phonic records, which is co-run by Andrew Sandoval and Jonathan Lea (2 HUGE love fans, by the way…)

Right before stage time, a cowboy walked into our dressing room with a whole lot of wine and beer. he had a really large belt buckle. why a cowboy? we couldn’t figure that out. we finally got onstage around 8:30pm and played for a little under 2 hours. maybe only 90 minutes, I can’t remember exactly. The singer’s ankle really hurt and I know he played the show in some pain. Unfortunately, the UCLA show was not that good, in all of our opinions. We promise to do a much better show and there’s talk now of it being in September. If you really had a great time last night then that’s wonderful.

After the show I saw Rusty’s folks and then i went looking for him and say guys I haven’t seen in years, guys I knew from my teens…like Phil Zuckaerman, Tony pearson, David Jones…just tons of people…spotted Michael Quercio in the front row (singer bassist from the 3 O’clock and now the Jupiter Affect) as well as former LOVE soundguy, Gary Stern, who holds the distinction of getting sacked the first day of the USA tour in 2002. Also, one time LOVE drummer, Len Fagen, was backstage.

So we all schmoozed with freinds and laughed with family and even had a drink with our booking agent, Bruce, from the AGENCY GROUP. Got home around midnight and woke up this morning only slightly hungover. Checked my e-mails and there was one form my friend, Nelson, who had seen the show and wanted to tell me how much he enjoyed it. I thanked him but one of the best things he said was that Paul Stanley came to the show! Now, that’s a guy I want to meet! So,

Mike Randle


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