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Mike Randle


“A Midnight near-summer’s song”
May 7, 2003

It’s nearly midnight, monday, and I am typing from my back porch. It’s slightly breezy, about 64F, clear skies and as quiet as a mouse. Taking a break from playing guitar, i wanted something different, an alternate feel, so i started typing on the vtech…yep, the old trusty vtech. I came outside because I felt the urge to work on songs. But, damn ain’t it tough, huh? Talk to anyone who writes anything and you’ll hear the same.

It’s difficult to write good songs and rare to write great ones. Hopefully, I’ve written one or two good ones. But I had to stop and put the guitar down because I felt the connection break. It’s hard to consentrate sometimes. But it should flow like water right? I don’t like to work any harder than i have to. But I am a firm believer that we all influence each other so, if I am not inspired, it’s your fault. Ok, maybe it’s not YOUR fault but what I mean is that, no one is really making music AS A WHOLE that inspires you to live, to love, to believe. Well, let me change that; no one on a commercial level. How’s that? Because i am certain there are thousands of people who are creating wonderful tunes but it’s just that you will never hear about them. Why not?

Maybe because we don’t demand good music. And I don’t want to get into subjective arguments; you know what I mean when I say “good music.” Nothing makes my day more than when I hear someone truly express themselves in an original way. It’s like discovering gold.

But no gold has come this way, tonight. I think I can see venus up in the sky but how can I be sure? This is Los Angeles; it could be David Lee Roth throwing a party on a satelite. All I want is to get across what I feel, how I feel, and have all the corners covered. Is that too much to ask? I even have a capo. I’m ready…just waiting on a song. But i suppose one shouldn’t wait for something so unpredictable. Well, I DO have a 6-pack of WIDMER. That may not be a song, but it’ll have to do for now.

Mike Randle


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