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“Am I gettin’ through to you-hoo?”
April 24, 2003

Chapple shows off the funky “J.J.” hat he got on the Gold Coast, while making the Bass job look easy

Well, last night was quite unfortunate in that, I ‘d drained the last of the BUSHMILLS 10 year old single malt and had to turn to a bottle of Sauza silver Tequila. Now, although the Sauza ain’t exactly Bushmills, I sure as heck wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers, if ya know what I mean. And now that Fritz in Ohio has his own bottle I am left to simply remember the taste while he revels in the Irish perfection that lies in that bottle. Oh well.

Um, I went to a great sight that was filled with Aussies who’d attended the Melbourne show and had taken photos. If you want to check some out, go to: http://ubb.mojo4music.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB1&Number=141290&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=31&fpart=1

The main photographer , CHERRYBABY, was right up front and got some great snapshots. I saw her later with a cool Dylan shirt on. I should maybe apologize for my Aussie beer comments. The Cascade Pale Ale and the Premium Lagers were both quite friendly. But i gotta say, if any of youz out there ever want to sample the BEST LAGER ON THE PLANET, ye must find thy self in the great white north. Whenever I visit Toronto, I ALWAYS buy a 12 pack of CREEMORE SPRINGS, I ALWAYS plan to bring some back for the guys and i NEVER quite make it out of there with them in hand. They are BEYOND tasty and just unbelievably heavenly. Ok, enough about Creemore Springs…yer gonna just have to trust me.

Rob, wondering where he left his pint

That Australian tour went so smooth mainly due to our tour manager, ROB, and our technician, MATRIX, who were just about as efficient as you can get. You will NEVER witness this type of efficiency in England. TRUST me. Those guys have worked with some of the best in the business and i salute ’em for a job well done. The singer was impressed as well. We practically begging Matrix to do the USA dates with us but he’ll be in England (they should be so lucky!!!!) working with another band or something like that.

Matrix is often confused with usual suspects
Matrix eyes the bar while Rob attempts to look up a Sheila’s skirt

Any of you ever notice the HARVETTE t-shirt Chapple wears? That’s his old band he was in right when we reformed LOVE when the Singer was released. They recorded a Pink Floyd song on a Floyd tribute that’s been released now on STANLEY RECORDINGS and available for purchase at:


I bet it’s a really good CD. They actually wanted us to do a version of Syd Barret’s “Baby Lemonade” but we couldn’t make the time to record it. But now I can buy it so not all is lost, right? Also, got an e-mail from Marytn in South Africa that 2 Baby Lemonade CDs have been digitally re mastered and re-released thru British mail order company, www.spincds.com Gee, no one tells us anything! Am I gettin’ through?

Mike Randle


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