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“Day off in BRUMMIELAND”
January 23, 2003

Well, yesterday we were off here in Birmingham so the band and gene (minus the Singer) and myself strolled a few blocks to Chinatown for some yummy food. later on all those guys went to the movies… I was dead tired and curled up in bed with a glass of red wine, a good book and a great episode of “Sex in the City”, my favorite show! I did take a break and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner, and I saw some of the ensemble looking thru a local paper for a jazz club to check out… true musicians… throwbacks from the old days! not me…I am tired tired tired!

So when I got up this morning, the sun was shining and the weather had warmed up to a respectable 48F, WHICH WAS A NICE CHANGE! oh yes, did I mention that a very sober SCOTTISH KEITH came to the Sheffield show? He was driving so he was being a responsible lad…funny, I introduced him to our guitar tech, Davie, who also happens to be from Glasgow and they went at it with those thick Scottish accents…I couldn’t understand one word…and for those of you who are interested in purchasing (former LOVE member, and FOUR SAIL guitar god) Jay Donnellan’s new CD, simply go to this site and yer did….cheers www.cdbaby.com/donnellan

Mike Randle


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