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“Forever Changes… a success!”
February 4, 2003

Well, I walked into soundcheck monday at Royal Festival Hall and saw two familiar faces; Dave Wakeling and Rankin Roger of the BEAT. Turnes out they’re playing RFH next week and decided to stop by for sound check. I’d met Dave before, as he lives in Los Angeles and once spent the night at my house (an old friend used to play bass in his solo group)…I walked to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee only to find him on the couch watching TV!

So after soundcheck, we all kinda kicked it at the venue and then Rusty and I were interviewed for a london radio station. Also, Robyn Hitchcock showed up as well and we kinda went over a tune for about 2 minutes…flash to showtime and we played, what I thought was a really fun , energetic show (I know the Mess board says different but WE thought we were energetic!)…

After the show, RFH treated everyone in the band and crew to bottle and bottels of Champayne to celebrate the end of the tour…then the backstage party happened and the Super Furry Animals were drinking everything in site and looked like they were in the USA armed forces…there was one chick with them in a short tight skirt who could have been that 6th spice girl…

Saw Jack and Meg from the white stripes at the show but they never made it to the after party…as well as Robert Plant who, after the gig, had to dash over to a studio to meet up with some bloke named Jimmy Page.

After that, we headed to the hotel and it was decided that my room (which was big enough, I guess!) would host the after party AFTER PARTY! Kose was really funny as well as Bjorn, who is always funny!…and it was official that the tour was over…yet we were all just so joyous to be part of this so very special thing…

I had flashbacks of Keith and I drinking awful margharitas, Paul WASTED in Manchester (wait, Natasha was a bit merry as well!), Su in Glasgow calling me a CHEEKY MONKEY, Kose saying, in that great Danish accent, “I HAVE GIVEN THEM ALL THESE INFORMATIONS…”…even Lee doing an impressive version of anthem at the bar…

So much fun, a bit of rain, a bit of snow, some whiskey here, some scotch there, loads of Burger King, a ton of beer, wine, fish and chips, curries, some great music lovers and a whole lot of LOVE, as Mr. Plant would say.

Mike Randle


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