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Mike Randle


July 2, 2003

Wednesday Day 7, July 2nd

Played a really fun show last night in Nottingham. Before the show I walked to a pub called ‘the Bell’ and met up with Gill, Lizzy B, North London Hilary, Steve 64, Brummy Brat and a host of other wonder LOVE fans, some of whom were sweet enough to buy copies of Demos Under Construction. It was also great to see Scottish Keith, who brought a bottle of Glenfiddich with him! And Martyn was there as well!

So that morning after the show, we checked out of our Hotel and embarked on the 4 hour drive to Wrexham. We arrived in Wrexham around 5 pm and checked in to the next hotel. The city centre was very nice and there was a big church 2 minutes walk away, which also a sundial (this was under a tree, which I found odd!). Around 7pm we all had dinner at the hotel and I had a delicious steak which is unheard of in England. But, then again, I was in Wales, huh? Still, it was excellent. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I hadn’t had a decent meal in a week? Can’t say, really.

The Wrexham show started around 9pm (a new wave band opened up the show; they were good too) and the people immediately got out of their seats and made for the front of the stage.

Later on, back at the Hotel, Chapple ‘jimmy-rigged’ the TV so we could listen to MP3 songs and check out the bottle of Scotch. We drank in my room till about 2am and then everybody hit the hay, as we were to leave Wrexham (for Guilford) at 10am the next morning.

Mike Randle


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