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Islington Academy Diary, Friday 14th November by Caryne

Look I know most of you probably want a diary by Mike, not me, but when Mike tells you, at approx. 2am on a Saturday morning, you are writing the next diary you’re probably just a bit too far gone to do anything but agree! Now the panic sets in, so apologies if any of this a)bores you to tears or b) is total bollocks!

Anyway, got to London too late(cheers British Rail), this was the second day running I had to sneak out of work early to get a train to London (I’d seen a great singer called Johnny Dowd the night before at the Spitz Club) and I was running out of excuses to leave work early. Thursday it was the usual ‘dentist’ but Friday played my ‘trump card’ – a visit to the gynecologist, only to be used occasionally (and, probably, best never used by men!!) but always works because everyone feels sorry for you but no-one dares ask next day how it went?!!

Spent a fortune on cabs, dashed to hotel in Kensington (why there, don’t ask!!) then over to Islington in rush hour, already thirty quid down. Not a good sign when driver had never heard of the place, but got there about 7.30. Large queue outside was worrying, I’m not a ‘stand at the back person’, as was the fact that the band appeared to be playing in a shopping centre! Luckily the queue was for people without tickets so went straight in, only held up by someone having problems with the usual ‘Academy’ petty rules, they wouldn’t let her take in a plastic bottle of water. Is this pathetic or what? I’ve fallen foul of this nonsense before and know to have nothing on me (having had an half eaten biscuit removed from my bag once) but when at a ‘Dirty Three’ gig, earlier this year, Jarvis Cocker was let in behind me with a baby, I knew it was one rule for the ‘plebs’ but ‘stars’ can take in what they like!!Bought a drink from the usual ‘overpriced’ Carling selection and looked for a way to push myself to the front (of course!!)

Spotted Aake and I was in (Hello to Richard, who I met at this point, lovely bloke, hope to see you again! Also Hello to the ever wonderful Steve 64 who turned up a few minutes later) It was, once again, bloody hot (shades of Cardiff’s Coal Exchange?) so had to remove some clothing, bad move I found later when realising bouncing up and down with a low cut vest is never a good idea!! Band came on around 8.30ish and, as the most biased commentator ever, it was all excellent. Ok, I’m crap at setlists so I’ll leave that for someone better qualified that me but lots of the usual, wonderful favourites including a sublime ‘Signed DC’. Interesting to see no words bought on stage for ‘Old Man’ these days?

I always suspected Arthur didn’t really need ’em and loved his comment that he should have sung it in the first place! Bloody curfew time for ‘kiddie/indie’ disco at 10pm (at which Mike was told that ‘Love’ were good but don’t compare to ‘The Cure’!!) so gig just not long enough (whoever said that length doesn’t matter is lying!!!) Arthur announced the new song but we only got to hear a taped recording, sorry, told you I’ve a crap memory can’t remember what it was called but it sounded very good – though would have loved to have heard it live. Singing Cowboy and then that was it. Quick ‘Hello’ here to John E and Gill (plus husband, I presume?) and Hilary (who I was to meet again later and ‘No, I’m not a school marm at all’!!)

Now the plan was to watch the ‘Later’ performance in the hotel bar but sod’s law seemed to be in operation and the TV just wouldn’t pick up any BBC stations, what kind of service is this? With seconds to spare a room that would play BBC was found and and everyone piled up (I say ‘everyone’ because at this stage I didn’t have a sodding clue who most of these people were, with the exception of Mike, Rusty, Dave and Daddyo!!) The usual drinks distributed, surprise of all time Mike found some whiskey, and the show was watched – though sarcastic comments from many people meant it wasn’t till today that I really heard it – it was amazing (as I’m sure you all know?) Ok, I felt a bit of an interloper here, so Mike ‘kindly’ introduced me as ‘Caryne from the Message Board’. Strangely enough, this seemed to bring recognition, though I’m not sure if it was the kind I wanted? Maybe I’ll be toning the postings down in future? But, then again, maybe not?!!

Finished with kebabs at 2am, PLEASE I’M A VEGAN, it was a scary experience. One day I’m taking that lot to a decent veggie restaurant, it has to be done!! Sorry for any typos here, no ‘Word’ on this PC so can’t check spelling/grammar!! Lots of love to everyone and see you all in February,

Caryne xxx

PS Guess you’re busy Mike?!! No emails