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“It’s an injustice!! ”
October 7, 2003

By Scottish Keith Stodart

Well, Mr.Randle is distraught at the moment as they’re about to pull the plug on showing Eastenders in the USA. He suggests a petition to keep it on TV but as I don’t know what network it’s on I can’t help. If any of you guys from across the pond know the channel then drop them a note insisting that it be kept on.

I’m not really a fan of the program but I think Mike like’s it more for some of the good-looking females rather than is dodgy plot. Maybe I’m doing him an injustice.

Eventually, the war of words as to what is and isn’t pornography has finished on the message board. I’ve no view on the matter but as the offending picture has been removed from the diary I think Mike has pacified his critics (til’ the next time!!)

Mike’s been really busy but he does say he has a diary ready, which should appear very shortly. I’m looking forward to the break, all this diary stuff taxes your brain, I don’t know how Mike’s kept it going for so long.

Mike Randle


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