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“Liverpool’s got the beat”
January 26, 2003

The Liverpool show was fun and it was a fun/rough crowd, in that some bloke almost got beat up for singing the wrong lyrics… I’ll let fans expand on that one, as it was on the opposite side of my stage..also, Scully’s friends came to say hello…Scully’s better half, Michelle, has an illness in the family so everyone in the LOVE family sends their thoughts and blessings to Michelle’s family.

After the show, there were some rough looking characters that the security wouldn’t let in the backstage area…luckily I recognized John Head (from Shack, who backed Arthur for some UK and Europe shows in 1994, while Baby Lemonade were touring French Polynesia..) and got all the blokes backstage. Afterwards, we just caught the hotel pub before it closed and also ordered pizza and Kabobs form the local takeaway…hit the sack around 3am…next morning, pulled into Manchester around 1pm…tonight we play Manchester University…the show is sold out.

Mike Randle


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