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April 2, 2003

Well, this time last year I was in rehearsals, just days away from the first LOVE gig (since May 1996 in Rotterdam) in 5 1/2 years, which was going to be a secret show at SPACELAND, here in Los Angeles. Since we’d been contracted to play the “official” show May 1 at the Hollywood Knitting Factory, we have to advertise the secret LOVE show under the ANDMOREAGAINS title. Who could have guess that name would take on a life of it’s own!

The 1 year Anniversary of the triumphant return of the LOVE Singer will be played in Dublin, Ireland. We plan to open some bottles of something or another..not sure what! But we will celebrate, thanks to the many wonderful music lovers and supporters around the world. I remember playing in front of 3 people in Semi-Valley in 1994 as LOVE. Last June, we played to 1200 people at Queen Elizabeth Hall. On the recent Forever Changes tour, we sold out BOTH Royal Festival Hall shows, each holding nearly 3,000 people. And, in Roskilde Denmark, we played a festival to over 10,000 fans.

So, in one year, thanks to YOU, the LOVE name has been spread far and wide. And thanks to Ed (freedom man) Toussaint, I have been encouraged to document as much as possible, as well as be as silly as I want with the LOVE diaries! (And speaking of which, the winners of the DIARY contest are;

First place: John Etherington —4 Bootlegs Of Mike’s Favourite Shows, The Past Year!!!

Second place: Gill Oakley — Autographed guitar picks by Mike, Rusty and Chapple

Third place: Pete Brookings —Dave “Daddyo” Green’s Autographed drum stick

So many of you came to SO many shows, which goes to show how timeless the music of LOVE truly is. I only wish Bryan McLean was here to see it. But something tells me, everytime we do “OLD MAN,” he probably grins from upstairs.


Note from The Freedom Man:

For those of you how are interested in the Answer’s, here they are:

—Who can you be If you got a Visa Card, according to Mike!

Answer: President

Rusty and Mike went to see A Singer And His Band at the Mayan Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. —What Is The Name Of This Singer?

Answer: Elvis Costello

“We could go bike riding on Venice Beach or sailing in Marina Del Rey or eat Shack Burgers at the Shack in Playa Del Rey” —Mike Wants To Do This With….?

Answer: Winona Ryder

I’ll contact the winners, so the prizes can be send to them.

Mike Randle


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