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Mike Randle


May 23, 2003

Me, I’m a simple guy. I like half & half in my coffee and milk in my tea, and, like most folks, I dig fridays. People act happier, don’t they? So, i don’t mind when the world passes me by. What used to be an audition is now American Idol mania. I remember when big macs were BIG MACS. And you felt lucky to have one within walking distance. Now you get one free with a fill-up at the petrol station. I like my guitars simple, with 6 strings and a non offensive colour. Now i see people playing 6-string pink BASSES.! Who’s idea was that? Why does a bass need 6 strings? Isn’t that the guitar’s job? What, so you can hit all them low notes? LEAVE THOSE LOW NOTES ALONE! It’s like they’re cloning the extra 2 strings or something…but at least I get good news like the fact that Scottish Keith was able to track down an audio recording of the show we recently did (April 2) in Dublin. Nice goin’ Keith (you are NOT driving back home after Glastonbury…sorry pal…)! The Singer appreciates it and something nice (and autographed) shall be divy’d out once the live CD has been released. Now, if only we could track down the video!

So, as of May 23, the Dodgers have won 7 straight games and are only 2 1/2 games behind the first-place Giants. Now, do i start betting on em or do you predict they’ll start tanking soon? Hmm…good question. We’re off in S.F. on sunday and if there’s a game at Pac Bell park I’m gonna try to get some scalped tix, cause every game sells out. I mean, my phone service is Pac Bell so maybe they’ll let me in? I wouldn’t mind watching Bonds launch a 475 footer into Mc Covey Cove, while chopping on a Hot Dog and washing it down with an Anchor Steam. Now THAT’S living.

Keeping this short, as we are rehearsing today. In 5 days, the ensemble will arrive from Stockholm and we will do rehearsals with them, all with your listening pleasure in mind! Got a call from our USA sound guy, Pete Magdaleno, and he plans to attend the rehearsals as well, which is important. I think Gene Kraut is taking everyone out to dinner afterwards (and that’s a lot of people-he better have deep pockets…)…since the studio is in Hollywood (not far from Hollywood and Vine), we’ll probably hit this one place up for dinner, some place on the Blvd that Gene mentioned to me. He told me the food is supposed to be great. I told him it was not the safest neighborhood but that there wasn’t anything to worry about. A week from today, we’ll be onstage at Royce Hall. We’re all excited. Also, gonna meet up with our Chicago guitar tech, John San Juan, tonight at Barney’s for a couple of tall ones. He’s in town visiting friends for a few days. Ok, it’s 10am…I gotta get a bite before noon rehearsal…and somewhere Switzerland, Irish Barry is drinking a shot and chasing it with a Lager, betcha!

Mike Randle


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