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“Team Sweden vs. Team USA”
October 27, 2003

Mike contemplates whether or not to toss Ana to Bruce the Lover

Back in the 70s and 80s Pepsi cola used to have the blindfolded taste test. we here at the Diary had our own kind of taste test. it wasn’t easy and the point was not to put our players against each other. people always ask me about the differences and so I came up with the ‘comparison’ idea. Enjoy…

name: Anna Landberg vs. Ana Lenchantin instrument: cello similarities: both are excellent musicians and very nice people. Also share the same initials. Dissimilarities: Anna lives in freezing Stockholm and loves red wine. Ana lives on the beach near the marina and prefers cranberry and vodka to wine. comment: both women are really bossy but at least they are cute in how they boss you around. edge: TIE

name: Bjorn Samuelsson vs. Probyn Gregory instrument: trombone similarities: none dissimilarities: whereas Probyn is very health conscience (i call him ‘raisin nut boy’) and will seldom touch a beer, Bjorn will drink everything not nailed down and join me for kebabs afterwords. comment: as Probyn is really a guitarist who also can play a variety of instruments, there really isn’t much of a comparison here. edge: Bjorn

name: Caroline Valdermossen vs. Carrie Bartsch instrument: violin similarities: both are sweet and cute gals and both date a member of the ensemble. Caroline dates (viola player) Eric Holm (i call him my ‘Holmboy’) and Carrie and Probyn are an item. dissimilarities: where Caroline and Eric and littel snuggle bunnies and hardly ever separated, it’s quite clear that Carrie runs the show on the west coast. although they are cute as a button as well, when i want to ask Probyn something i just ask Carrie. comment: where Caroline and Eric wake me up with their early morning practicing in their hotel room, Carrie and Probyn pretty much sleep in. edge: this is WAY to close to call, although Caroline DID shave her head recently.

name: Malin My vs. Paula Yoo instrument: violin similarities: both ladies are just a ray of sunshine, a slice of heaven and totally fun to be around. Rusty and i nicknamed Malin ‘Survivor’ after the clothes she wore on the USA tour and she had a good sense of humour about it. Paula and I tease each other all the time and both of them are always making us laugh. both love to drink. dissimilarities: whereas Malin is more of a Luddite and couldn’t care less about gadgets, Paula travels with more computer toys than Bill Gates. comment: both are excellent violinists and very dedicated musicians. edge: TIE

name: Stefan Persson vs. Dan Clucas instrument: trumpet similarities: both are avid jazz fans and good drinkers. both are tall as well. dissimilarities: Stefan speaks swedish. Dan doesn’t. Dan plays flute. Stefan doesn’t. comment: both guys are good guys to hang out with and i think Stefan really benefits from being swedish, where the government really rewards and supports musicians. but Dan brings something great to the table in his flute playing. edge: Stefan, by virtue of the fact he’s a trumpet nutter, accomplishing feats unknown to most mortals. honorable mention for Dan’s flute parts on Orange Skies.

name: Eric Holm vs. Heather Lockie instrument: viola similarities: both are blond & nordic looking. dissimilarities: Eric loves to dance and has all the latest ‘J-Lo’ moves down. Heather would rather eat ‘Draino’ than listen to J-Lo. comment: although we nick-named Eric ‘dougie houwser’ cause he looks like that tv character, Heather picked up an even better one from this last tour; VIOLIN GIRL! VIOLIN GIRL! some nut kept yelling that in Philadelphia. problem is, SHE PLAYS VIOLA. edge: too close to call. wait, Eric doesn’t have ‘twins’. ok, Heather wins. (sorry Eric)

name: Ketil Solberg/ Andreas Forsman vs. Julie Carpenter instrument: violin similarities: all three are very dedicated and fun to drink with. dissimilarities: where Julie is the ‘party gal’ and Andreas is my mild mannered ‘kebab partner’, Ketil is the mad scientist of the bunch; the consummate prodigy who has no patience for mistakes, who also loves to eat. and loves whiskey. comment: Ketil is so good that it’s really not fair to make any comparison, although the dress Julie wore at the NY show made this race tighter than a mesquitoe’s ass. edge: Ketil

name: Fredrick ‘Oscar’ Oskarsson vs. Probyn Gregory instrument: trumpet similarities: well, these two ‘kinda’ look alike actually dissimilarities: Oscar likes a good, lean steak, where as, Probyn digs trail mix. comment: Probyn has toured and recorded with Brian Wilson and the Eels and is a member of LA’s pop heroes, the Wondermints (of which Ana has recorded with) Oscar plays with various groups around stockholm but nothing as extensive and as significant as Probyn’s accomplishments. but since trumpet isn’t Probyn’s main instrument (he’s an expert guitarist and is fluent on several other instruments), Oscar some of wins this one in a photo finish. sorry bout that Probe, cause you also were squeezed out by Bjorn. edge: Oscar

Mike Randle


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