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Mike Randle


July 3, 2003

Thursday, Day 8, July 3rd

Slept most of the bus ride to Guilford. Every now and then I’d peek at the gorgeous Welsh and West England countryside, but, I mostly slept. We arrived at our Hotel, which was about 200 yards from the festival grounds. It was about 5 pm and a day off, so some guys went to eat a curry and some hit the bar. I found a bar with some hotel guests ( 2 co-workers, Steph and Dave that I nicknamed ‘numbers 62’ – after their room) and a fan named ‘Granny,’ who’d come to Guilford for the festival and who’d also seen us in Melbourne. We all tossed pints down then went across the street to the Kebab shop. From there, back to the Hotel bar till the small hours. Guilford was obviously a drinkin’ town.

Mike Randle


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