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“The Kids Are Alright” (can’t say the same for Pete)
February 20, 2003

Francesca & Paulina

As some of you may have suspected, the Diary is very lazy and jumps at the chance of “guest Diarist”, hence the writings of Scottish Keith, Mel C., Scully, Martyn, and a few others. I had the honor of zipping thru Hollywood today with LOVE Manager, Gene Kraut, and his two daughters.

They escaped the snow and freezing cold of New York yesterday for the cool breeze that is Southern California. And, although it was a traffic-switched day, we were still able to see some nice landmarks like Groman’s Chinese Theatre, the Sunset Strip-which includes the “Whiskey” (which sits quite nicely between Clark Street and Hilldale street), the “Roxy”, the “Rainbow”, The “Cathouse”, The “Viper Room” and finishing it off with a drive up DOHENY to the Greystone reservoir in Bev Hills, which overlooks nearly the whole Los Angeles basin.

After we finished site seeing, Gene treated everyone to hotdogs then he went to get a haircut at a super overpriced hair salon on Melrose and me and the girls walked (10 min.) to my house and they helped me with the Diaries for today. Although it ain’t a lot, their writings below saved me another 5 or 10 minutes I would have taken to write another paragraph. For that I thank them…

Tail Of The Pub

“Hi my name is Paulina Kraut and my dad Gene manages love with Arthur Lee. I’m on vacation in California for a whole week! By the way, Arthur Lee gave my little sister a T-Shirt in Denmark last summer! The first day in California was fun, Mike took us on a tour around Hollywood and we went to eat hot dogs at the tail of the pup, a place with a BIG hot dog out front. I’m in 6th grade and I’m 12 years old.”

“Hi my name is Francesca kraut and I’m Paulina’s sister. My dad, sister and I are going to Disneyland tomorrow. In n.y. it is snowing but in l.a. it is nice and breezy. I play drums, I’m in 3rd grade, and I’m 9 years old. “

Mike Randle


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