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Trust the French
April 5, 2003

First thing we did when we got to Dublin was have a pint of Guinness, it always tastes better there. The show rocked and the crowd was wild and they sang along to every song. Two of Irish Barry’s mates, Des and Ciaran, presented me with a large bottle of Bushmills, which I’m sure, will help me get to sleep some night. Not that I needed it last night as we hung around after show talking with the fans and drinking to 3am. Not such a good move when you’ve got a flight at 6.00.

Just when you think everything is running smoothly all hells breaks loose at the Airport in the morning. Ryan Air won’t let the orchestra onto the plane with their violins unless they check them into the hold, which obviously they don’t want to do, as they’re pretty expensive. They’re quoting September 11th as the reason but you know you can look inside the cases and check them out. Al Capone’s dead isn’t he??

Anyway all gets resolved but then we find out that our flight to Athens from London is cancelled due to a strike by French Air Traffic controllers, what is it with the French? Anyway we’re a hairs breadth off cancelling the Athens gig when the promoter works some magic and gets us on a flight from London at 5.30am Friday morning via Italy to Athens.

I’m totally knackered and am staying at a Hotel at Heathrow Airport, as I’m up early for the flight. Maybe I should open the Bushmills for a nightcap although don’t think I need it …..ZZZZZZZZZ

Mike Randle


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