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“Walk between the fat raindrops”
December 2, 2003

Very soon the spring tour will be 100% sorted and thus listed on the website (but if you had the NME list its pretty much that with 2 more dates added, i believe) so anyone who is up for some good LOVE fun fear not. we are bouncing ideas on what catalog stuff to include in the set (this is NOT a topic for the messageboard Martyn, ok?), as well as some new material so 2004 will be exciting and truly a nice experience. Hopefully, onc we get back over the cold will have gotten timid and that nice sun will have shown its face on a regular basis…

so 3 1/2 weeks till the Galaxy show and it seems as though Susan B. has half of Orange County coming. Go Susan! It will be fun to play Southern Cal again….our home! Speaking of home, dont forget to go to SPACELAND 19th of DECEMBER at 9pm. W.A.C.O are playing and 2 of its members, Julie carpenter and Heather Lockie, play violin in the LA LOVE Ensemble! But guess who is opening the show and doing a solo set? ME! Yep. I play at 9pm adn they play a bit later, around 10:30pm. Dunny know how much it cost (probably between $5 & $7) but its a week before XMAS and bound to be a good time. PLUS, only SPACELAND has those huge German Steins with the RED HOOK ALE in em…yummy. Probyn cannie make it, as he is playing a show near Spaceland at TAIX with Adam Marslands new Soul revue. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. But, for more info on MY show and just gengeral info on ME, please go to MY website at www.mikerandle.com. Don’t be frightened of the blurry foto of Scottish Keith…

oh dang, nearly forgot; Rusty and I played a really fun show at the BORDERLINE in London back in November 2000, opening for the Wondermints and SUPERSTAR. It was a blast. Well, thattour we did back then had cool tour shirts that we had thought wer all sold out but, the day before i came back to LA from London, i was staying at my friend, Richards, flat and there was a bag with some shirts left. a true collectors item indeed. (side bar: Richard, i did have a curry but i cleaned up after myself this time. Thanks man. Oh, and i owe you 3 Bob for bus fare..shall post as soon as possible…along with a frozen Fatburger with cheese…)

excuse me? what? you want to know what a FATBURGER (http://www.fatburger.net/) IS? look, until youve had a Fatburger with cheese, with everything on it (xtra mayo), you have not lived. i will never forget my first Fatburger. I mean, i cant even remember my first TIME but i remember my first fatburger. my old mate, Jon Brooks, took me to the original stand (on Jefferson and Western) and told me teh xtra mayo is the DEAL SEALER. he was right. i dont go there often, but when i go, i GO. Richard loves Fatburger. who can blame him?

i had this real urge, which was to learn how to play Donald Fagens WALK BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS on organ. I went online and found some guys version of what he THINKS is the way it goes but it doesnt sound right so i am going to SAM ASH MUSIC to buy the NIGHTFLY songbook as a nice XMAS gift to myself. cause i cannie depend on these internet nerds to get it right.

Mike Randle


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