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“Yorkshire days”
February 6, 2003

Well, it’s wed. Today and it certainly still is freezing here in the north of England. I think it even got down to around 10F last night when we were walking from the pub. I was so knackered but Ringo insisted we meet up with his brother, Paul, and his mates, COOPS and company at a trendy pub called VARSITY. I was obviously tired so i got a coffee. But Coops was unconvinced and, upon our moving to another pub (The Evil Eye) he bought me some rediculous drink called Hell on wheels or something Juvenile like that..it was like 90% alcohol and i nearly fainted.

Afterwards, we went back to Ringos and daddyo, Rusty, Ringo and I played Yahtzi while Ringo’s lovely finace’, Toni, sat back and watched us play, while refreshing our drinks…it was something straight out of the Godfather movie! I was rightly blasted…then everyone went to bed and i decided to read a Lou Reed biography cause I Love Lou, you know? And i never felt so depressed in my life. My friend Susan once said you never want to meet your hreos; you’ll be disappointed. She’s right. Lou, if you’re listening, good luck and I love you, but we can’t hang out.

The next morning, Daddy-o and I went into York to shop and stuff and stayed there for about 2 1/2 hours…and it got colder by the minute so we rushed back adn got back to Ringo’s house around 4:30 to find Rusty watching LORD OF THE RINGS on DVD (you thought i made that stuff up, huh?) After he finished, we chilled and listened to some records and then Ringo and Toni came home with some groceries and Rusty made Mexican food.

But while he did that I watched a taping of last monday’s EAST ENDERS, where (obviously) Kat is more and more annoyed at everyone and that guy who almost committed suicide is acting stranger and stranger…and then that chick comes back, the one who left her husband cause she got pregnant by another man? She comes back to the bar, walks in and everyone stares at her, you know? and she’s like,”What you lookin at?” (well, maybe she said it differently)…and they’re looking at her like,”Girlfriend, we can’t BELIEVE you brought yo tired cheatin ass back up in here, ok?” So that’s when that music came in, where the show ends. Mel C has promised to e-mail me weekly updates. Everyone says the doctor got Kat pregnant…and I know that’s the obvious answer…but let’s not say it until we see it, ok? No jumpin the gun…

After we ate, I sat thru a taping of that weird Michael Jackson interview. I am speechless. I’m not sure if I was laughing at him or he was laughing at me. Was this a spin control docu-drama, a Wacko-Jacko commercial or just a completely insane, totally loopy program dedicated to make even the viewers look like fools? I walked away with no more information than i came in with except to say that Wacko is wasteful, Narcissistic, helpless, abused and unhappy as he’s always been.

Well, I guess that eliminates him and Lou Reed as my record producers. gee, I ain’t makin no friends today. Well, tomorrow is London before we head back to So Cal. Kristin, who works at RFH, invited us to a party…may be too tired for it…plus we’re gonna be near heathrow, which is like Siberia compared to central London. But who knows. I’m dr

Mike Randle


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