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“You can buy FOREVER CHANGES CONCERTS in Madison, WI. (but i stil ain’t got a copy”
July 22, 2003

According to Scottish Keith-and he knows pretty much everything, a fan bought the new live record in Madison, Wisconsin, and none of us in the band has seen hide nor hair of this thing. Now, I got nothin’ against them cheeseheads-heck, I LOVE Madison. You have to be there either in the fall or late spring to really appreciate a city like that. So I wanna know where my dang Snapper copy is already.

Well the Kobe saga is a sad one, aint it? I mean, rape is a very serious charge and a terrible terrible thing to do to someone. Of course, a person is innocent until proven guilty. If any other women come out-even just one-and says Kobe mistreated her then i think it’s very likely the guy is guilty. But if no one comes out it’s a tough sell to a jury that a celebrity committed the one and only charge of this kind in their, on this woman, who’s not talking publically about the incident but can’t seem to get off the phone with her friends, who are making the D.A.’s office furious at the possibility that this potentially screws up the jury pool in Eagle, as well as rumors of her being:

1. an NBA groupie (according to a Denver Nuggets player) 2. an auditioner for AMERICAN IDOL 4 months ago and losing 3. getting jiggy with a whole bottle of extra strength Tylanol and having to get her stomach pumped to save her life. (the D.A. claims she never told them about it.) So, things could get very wacky in this case. Here’s hoping the truth prevails, and the chips fall where they may.

In other news, LOVE is set for a concert at the ‘House of Blues’ here in West Hollywood on August 19. I don’t think it’s has been 100% decided if we will have an ensemble, although the musicians are being hired as i write this so the chance of them performing on this bill are quite good, actually. Of course, we’ll miss the Swedes-they are irreplaceable, but we need to have some sort of West Coast connection so that we can deliver our best to you folks without having costs go through the roof. We are also playing the San Diego Street Scene Spetember 5 and i think those are free. I used to go every year when I was a teen but stopped years ago. But it was always fun and exciting. Maybe i’ll see you there…

Mike Randle


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